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property with island citizens uk

Uk citizens with a property on the island
I was wondering if anyone had seen an official site with definitive advice about those of us who have properties if when international flights  (May 17th hopefully) if we can actually travel to the island.

I know at the moment the UK government are saying if you don`t have a valid reason for a "holiday" & travel you can be fined up to £5K.

I have some people on various sites saying you can travel if you have a property. However, I want an official site but can`t find anything rather than risking coming on the word of a stranger on a website.

Also, I read at the moment that the traffic light system for which countries you can fly to is putting Spain (at the moment) in Amber. Has there been any local news regarding whether the Canary islands are likely to be on Amber as well, as the numbers in the Canaries as a whole seem to be much better than the Spanish peninsular?  Am hoping that Fuerteventura will be on Green.
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This might give an explanation -
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The UK Government site gives details of the entry requirements for Spain. Currently, you need to have residency or a specific reason.
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Thanks, Tom I appreciate your reply. 

I am aware of the residency rules but trying to pre-empt the May 17th date (when hopefully) international flights will start again.

Due to my circumstances, I declined taking residencia. Therefore I will not be allowed entry until Spain declares that non-residents can enter Spain once more. 

The general mood music seems to be that certain EU countries Greece, Spain & 1 or 2 others who rely on tourists make start opening up borders from May/June. So am trying to work out my schedule if this happens if not then I will make alternative plans.
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Thanks, Captain.Was aware of the stringent entry rules in Spain.

I can see why the person who was buying a property would think he might get into the Canaries with the letter from an agent.

However, as someone who has a property for a long time, I would never have tried that as I know the Guardia civil too well. It is why I am asking the question before I even think of flying to make sure everything is kosher before I even consider buying a flight ticket again.

Your post confirms that I need to check leaving the UK before I go (or risk a £5000 fine) & now being returned on flight (if Spain hasn`t changed their entry rules).

Being optimistic that both countries will change their rules at some time in the near future.

Some good news, I think the foxes will be in Europe next year!!!!
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Here you go:
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(09-04-2021, 08:46 AM)Robbo Wrote: Here you go:

Thanks that was what I was looking for.

The only problem is that not sure the reason I want to go is covered under the section closest to what I might qualify for.

Where it is reasonably necessary for a person to leave the United Kingdom to undertake any of the following activities in connection with the purchase, sale, letting or rental of residential property—

(a)visiting estate or letting agents, developer sales offices or show homes;
(b)viewing residential properties to look for a property to buy or to rent;
©preparing a residential property to move in;
(d)moving house;
(e)to visit a residential property to undertake any activities required for the rental or sale of that property.

I want to clean up the house after being out of it for nearly a year & to check there is no damage inside & out.

Maybe I am covered by © preparing a residential property to move into

That might satisfy the leaving the UK for the authorities. However, still got a problem with getting into Spain as a non-resident.

Just have to wait till May 17th I think when some more clarification might occur from both the UK & Spain.

The next problem is flights I see Jet2 have suspended their flights till 23 June. Other companies have not followed them yet, but that might happen.
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There is some useful info on this page with regard to travelling to Spain...
Loving it  Cool

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(09-04-2021, 01:57 PM)Pete Garyga Wrote: There is some useful info on this page with regard to travelling to Spain...

Thanks, Pete, I had seen that webpage but that site is more for people who wish to stay for more than 90 days. 

I intend to stay for less than 90 days & will follow the 90/180-day rule for non-EU people.

I believe that the Spanish (& some other EU countries)  & the UK are talking about changing entry conditions for the summer for UK citizens. Obviously, these are behind closed doors. From the UK we are hearing that May 17 is when an announcement is to be made that international flights will restart. 

So seems like I will have to wait till that date at least, to see if the UK & Spanish government open the skies for us to arrive back on the rock, to do a load of cleaning & get the ITV for my car.
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We're in same boat, wait and see is probably the best approach.
I Heart Fuerteventura
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