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lets can holiday 300 unofficial fined

Unofficial holiday lets can be fined up to € 300,000
Next Tuesday, 12 or Wednesday, March 13, 2019, the Parliament of the Canary Islands will approve an authentic normative bomb against Canarian families . The biggest attack of democracy against the small owners of apartments in tourist areas and holiday homes, assure from Ascav.

Under Proposition of Law PL-0005 presented by Nueva Canarias supported by the Canarian Coalition, PSOE, Podemos and Grupo Mixto, with the only vote against the Partido Popular , the rights of citizens will be cut off in such a way that their properties will lack any value.

1) PROHIBITED TO RENT FOR A LONG SEASON (Article 42. 1 b) of the Canary Islands Tourism Ordinance Law is deleted).


3) PROHIBITED TO RESIDE IN YOUR OWN PROPERTY (with the very limited exception of the transitory disposition of the land law).

If you have an apartment , they point out, you should know that your property will not be worth anything to get through this law: you can not do anything with it except deliver it to an operating company or use it on weekends.

And if anyone had the intention, you should know that SANCTIONS INCREASE FROM € 1501 to € 300,000. Totally disproportionate amounts, since they far exceed the values of most properties.

Not only are the rights of these owners going to be guillotined, but they will also strike at the real estate companies , they say from the association: "Who will buy a tourist apartment or a holiday home with these limitations? The drops in sales will be spectacular. "
In short, it is a real plundering of the Canaries : the owners of apartments and holiday homes and the Canarian companies. And everything to leave the business in the hands of those of always.

You can check here the text of the Proposition of Law.

These are some, not all, the most relevant modifications of the Canarian Tourism Ordinance Law (Law 7/1995):

- Art. 13.3: includes letters f), g) and h): Letter f) establishes as a duty of the tourist company "to guarantee the respect of the norms of the interior regime of the community". Clear infringement of state powers: the Autonomous Community does not have powers in matters of Horizontal Property and less imposing a duty of guarantee that tourists must respect.

- Art. 42.1 b). In the apartment complexes it will not be possible to rent for a long period (Urban Leasing Law). Many apartment owners have opted for long-term rental due to the low profitability given by the tour operator or because the resort had caused a decrease in tourist exploitation. Now this possibility is prohibited.

- Two new articles are introduced to regulate Vacational Housing by Law: the new articles 46 bis and 46 ter.

- Art. 46 bis: defines the Vacation Home. He returns to talk about "assignment of the whole house". It is a new attack on the rent of rooms or Bed & Breakfast that was already validated by the Supreme Court Judgment of January 15, 2019, which declared null art. 12.1 of the Regulation of Vacational Houses of the Canary Islands.

-Art. 46 ter:

* Section 3: urban planning will say the specific areas in which the use of holiday homes can be implemented and may be EXCLUDED in all or part of a municipality.
* Section 4. In the absence of planning, the Government of the Canary Islands may establish "requirements, criteria and tourism standards for the implementation of tourist use of housing." The Government of the Canary Islands is empowered to, by decree, establish maximum limits for implementation of Vacation Housing and even specific urban conditions for the exercise of the activity.
* Apdo. 6. The responsible statement must include an agreement of the board of owners that with the favorable vote of 3/5 parties expressly accept the Vacation Home. It is an invasion of state powers in the field of horizontal property.
* Apdo. 8: Express prohibition of B & B or partial rental of rooms. It is a new invasion of state competitions. The Autonomous Communities do not have jurisdiction over civil contracting that is exclusive to the State. All this without prejudice to the fact that it contravenes a final judgment of the Supreme Court.
* Apdo. 10: express prohibition of Vacation Rental of those apartments that have been "residential".
* Apdo. 11: the tourist establishments that have caused a loss in the tourist exploitation will not be able to dedicate themselves to the holiday home.

- Art. 73: the owners of the Vacation Homes together with the operating company are responsible for the infractions. It supposes a clear violation to the most elementary principles of the sanctioning administrative right. Sanctions are taxable to the perpetrator. By the way, it only imposes this double standard on the VV, to no other type of accommodation.

- Art. 75:
* Section 16: marketing a holiday home without presenting a responsible declaration will be punished as a very serious penalty up to € 300,000. Before it was imposed a severe penalty (€ 1,501-30,000). The qualification as very serious is an authentic disproportion. It is a clear intimidating measure.
* Section 17: very serious penalty (up to € 300,000) for Internet platforms that sell holiday homes.
* Point 11: very serious sanction the "inaccuracy, falsehood or omission of essential character" in the responsible statement. Vulnerability principle legal security: who determines what is essential and what is not essential?

-Art. 76
* Section 16: severe penalty (€ 1,501-30,000) the "inaccuracy, falsehood or omission of a non-essential nature"
* Section 20. Serious sanction: housing that does not comply with the requirements or conditions established in the Housing Policy (€ 1,501-30,000).

Google translated article from Onda Fuerteventura.
I Heart Fuerteventura
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Sorry, but I am at a loss as to what this all means!
3 users say Thank You to TrickyFox for this post
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From what I understand, there is a new law proposal regarding (not only) holiday lets. The fines are going to be much higher (the max used to be 30K) as well as it should get tougher to even rent for long term. This all could push the house prices on the island down pretty quickly.
I Heart Fuerteventura
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What is the case where you own an apartment do NOT rent it out, just keep it for family use ?
1 user says Thank You to Can the Man for this post
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(08-03-2019, 08:48 PM)Can the Man Wrote: What is the case where you own an apartment do NOT rent it out, just keep it for family use ?

That's what we do. We don't rent out our place but if this law materialise, we'll loose some equity for sure.
To answer your question Can, nothing will change. You and your family will be able to enjoy the apartment the same way as before.
I Heart Fuerteventura
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Thanks Sam, I’m not really worried about equity as my plan is to retire to Caleta in a few years, meanwhile family and close friends will continue to use it.
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Surely if this new ruling is so draconian it will/should be taken to the courts by a class action if enough groups get together to fight it.
We don’t have anyone staying in our place except with us when we are there but I would be totally against the paragraph stating the proposal that we would not be able to use it (as non permanent residents, I presume)
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1. Nothing has been decided yet
2. There is an election upcoming
3. Ascav are trying to wind everyone up and over egg the pudding

Wait and see. 

But for certain, the writing has always been on the wall against those who rent illegally. Be afraid - big fines. And, there is a general dissatisafaction with lack of affordable housing for those who work in the tourist industry.
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Worrying. We don't let ours, but have no plans to become resident for a couple of years yet, and would like to continue using it for 4 or 5 months a year.

Sam, I'm a bit unclear here— your reply to Can suggests we wouldn't be affected by this, but point 3 of your original post implies otherwise?

Hopefully this gets shot down or altered enough that it doesn't have any actual teeth!
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(08-03-2019, 09:10 PM)Can the Man Wrote: Thanks Sam, I’m not really worried about equity...

The equity issue would get bigger. The government would end up with less Money to spend (from sales and less interest to buy from abroad) and that would be seen all over the island pretty soon.

I still hope this is not going to happen.
I Heart Fuerteventura
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