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oliva vallebrón

Vallebrón to La Oliva
Every time we travel the FV 10 on our way to El Cotillo, we pass the sign for Vallebrón and I think to myself 'I must make a detour one day'.

So a couple of weeks ago I did just that and a very nice detour it is too.



Then followed the road on to La Oliva, which is somewhere I've usually passed through or skirted around and stopped at the Church of Our Lady of Candelaria.






All pics taken on my Samsung Galaxy S6 phone.
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Views from Vallebron on 27th Feb, visibility not brilliant as still tail end of calima:

[Image: t2m0rwT.jpg]  [Image: 3cIWl1u.jpg]  [Image: ld3ogBY.jpg]

[Image: pkOK1gO.jpg]  [Image: O28CmSS.jpg]  

some interesting rock formation up the sides where the road was carved out of the mountain:

[Image: Bkzx5ey.jpg]  [Image: lL5spVO.jpg]
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A few pics taken today from the lookout point, Weather pretty miserable!

[Image: NI9MU13.jpg] looking back into the Vallebrón valley.

[Image: LtQP7ve.jpg] donkeys and sheep.

[Image: nriV6zc.jpg] [Image: wvbC8Zy.jpg] [Image: NN7eggM.jpg]
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