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verdeaurora bio farm

Verdeaurora Bio Farm
One of my favourite places to go in Fuerte is Verdeaurora Bio Farm. With a new management it is even better as it was before. The staff is so nice and helpful always happy to chat and explain everything regarding the farm and things related to Fuerteventura. I have never tasted better olive oil than the one made in this bio farm. There is a nice selection of cheeses, olives, jams for tasting... they even do smoothies and coffee. As well you can buy a big selection of Aloe Vera products, from pure aloe to creams, lip balm, gels and many other cosmetic products.
They as well have pomegranate trees and they always allow as to take a couple of pomegranates for FREE Smile

The farm is located in a beautiful scenery, you can have a stroll along the olive tress and aloe plants and they have adorable toilets Poop

Address: Tenicosquey, 7, 35630 Malpaís Grande (Antigua)


Have you been to this farm or do you have any recommendation for a different one on the island?
I need a six month vacation twice a year Cool
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