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signs explanation villa letting

Villa Letting Signs Explanation
Can someone clarify the difference between the 2 different Villa letting Registration / Accreditation signs?

The pink / red one has the words Viviendas Vacacionales - Vacation Homes  with a number on it and the blue one only the word Villa ?

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The reason I was asking is we have a mixture of sign on the properties on our development.

Someone has sent me a copy of a page that explains the various signs in Spanish.


Vv - las viviendas , que amuebladas y equipadas en condiciones de uso inmediato y reuniendo los requisitos previstos en el Reglamento de las vivindas vacacionales de la Comunidad Autonoma de Canarias, son comercializades o promocionadas en canales de oferta turisitca, para ser cedidas temporalmente y en su totalidad a terceros de forma habitual, con fines de alojamiento vacacional y a cambio de un precio

V -el establecimiento extrahotelero compuesto por una o varias unidades de alojamientode tipologia edificatoria aislada, dotada de zonas verdes de uso privativo y del equipamiento e instalaciones necesarias para la conservacion manipulacion y consumo de alimentos

I have used google translate -

Vv - The houses, which furnished and equipped in conditions of immediate use and meeting the requirements set forth in the Regulation of the holiday homes of the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands, are marketed or promoted in channels of tourist offer, to be transferred temporarily and in full to third parties on a regular basis, for holiday accommodation purposes and for a price.

V - the non-hotel establishment consisting of one or several accommodation units of isolated building typology, equipped with green areas for private use and the equipment and facilities necessary for the conservation of food handling and consumption.
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So essentially, a villa could get a VV licence, but a V licence requires private green space, i.e., villas only (excluding townhouses/apartments)...?

Good to have the clarification. Thanks!
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