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island visiting lobos

Visiting Lobos Island
We would like to visit the island in the next couple of weeks and we believe you now have to apply to the authorities.  Can this be done at the same time as booking the ferry or do we apply first and get permission.  Is it a licence for a specified day? We know that there is a maximum of 200 people but has this changed?
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Hi Nemo
There is a thread in the 'Sightseeing' section of the forum:

I think it answers most of your questions. I haven't seen anything about any further changes to the procedures. Enjoy!

I'll give it a day or two and then merge this thread into that other one - keep things tidy  Wink

When you've had your visit it would be great if you could update us as to how it went please.
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Thanks Tamara...if we do get there will let you know.
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