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islands canary volcanic activity earthquake

Volcanic activity in Canary Islands 2019
Hi Everyone

I have been following the activity in the Canary Islands since 2011 the eruption El Hierro.

I will if you wish I will also start to add all my posts to this forum .

My posts include latest earthquakes reports from other websites and discussions on the internet.

I am not an expert but someone following and very interested in all the activity as it is happening.
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Hello Jand. I think that would be great. Good to have you on board.

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Great, thanks very much.
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This is the website where IGN post the latest earthquakes if you click on the top right hand links 15 and 90 dias you clearly see the swarms around Teide and Volcano Enmedio.
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Update from the meeting of Pevolca.


"The Pevolca attributes to a tectonic origin the Earthquake between Tenerife and Gran Canaria"

The meeting, chaired by the Deputy Minister of the Environment of the Canary Islands Government, Blanca Pérez, also had the presence of the General Director of Security and Emergencies, Nazaret Díaz, the President of the Cabildo de Tenerife, Carlos Alonso, and representatives of national agencies and regional.

Blanca Pérez explained that the scientific community has ruled out that the seismic episode detected last week, of magnitude 4.2, was of volcanic origin.

The vice-minister indicated that this alteration has been analyzed in detail, since since 1989 there had not been a similar one in the area, although she points out that the experts describe it as "an isolated event", which does not represent a danger to the citizenry .

During the meeting, Blanca Pérez also referred to the need to make a seismic amplification map detailing areas that may be more sensitive to seismic movements.

"Currently, the Commission is working on the methodology of vulcanological risk maps that will include these seismic amplification maps," he said.

For its part, the director of the National Geographic Institute, María José Blanco, explained that "the system between Gran Canaria and Tenerife has a recurrent seismicity over time, which began to be remarkable in 1989, and that has been reproducing since then with magnitudes smaller than the one registered last Friday. "

However, he insisted that this seismicity is "usual" in the archipelago.

The person in charge of the Involcan seismic network, Luca D'Avria, explained that, until now, all the investigations indicate that it is a tectonic origin, since similar earthquakes occur daily in the area and no evidence has been found that confirms a magmatic origin.


He also pointed out that in the Canary Islands, in addition to volcanic activity, there are also seismic faults between the islands that are a source of earthquakes on a daily basis.

On the other hand, he stressed that, from the scientific point of view, this movement has been very interesting to have reference values on when an Earthquake can represent a danger for citizens.
The scientific committee of the Pevolca is formed, besides by the Government of the Canary Islands and representatives of the General Administration of the State, by the National Geographic Institute (IGN); the Superior Council of Scientific Investigations (CSIC); the Canarian Volcanological Institute (Involcan); the Geological and Mining Institute of Spain (IGME); State Meteorological Agency (AEMET); Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO); specialists of the two Canarian universities (ULPGC and ULL) and representatives of other prestigious institutions in the study and research of volcanology in the Canary Islands.

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Comment by Enrique in relation to the Pevolca meeting.


"Meeting meeting: keep the party!!.- here's nothing, all normal. Tectonic Earthquake..... and the volcano??.- every day I understand less this, a volcanic committee (Pevolca) is meeting to evaluate the state of activity of the singular seismic-Volcanic Swarm of the south dorsal, the meeting is convened, but there is a Earthquake sense of 4.4 on the way (to evaluate by the pesican) and the result is that there is a tectonic Earthquake according to the committee committee. And the volcano?.. what happened to that singular activity? - for this no need to summon it. Neither David Copperfield.

So another one, I feel in the middle of a dialogue of bream, another disaster of disinformation and positions, to spend taxpayer Money on unnecessary and bad things. It's like calling the firefighters if they steal you or the Police if there's a fire. Every time I understand less this.

As there is a seismic crisis or an eruption, with this information and management clarity I do not want to think about what this is going to be. (Enrique)"

Comment by Ale Garcia Delgado regarding the update by Pevolca

Ale Garcia Delgado
Ale Garcia Delgado 

"De niño cantaba una canción que decía..... Ahora que vamos despacio, vamos a contar mentiras tralara, vamos a contar mentiras tralara...... Bueno pues sumemos una mas a este grupo de "iluminados" que nos dirigen, primero que el peso del volcán provoca sismos, luego que unas obras en un puerto que no tiene obras provoca sismos, luego que si se reúne el pevolca para hablar de la crisis de vilaflor( precisamente de eso no se habla) y la ultima que si el sismo es tectónico ( mira por donde es un LP y encima hoy tenemos otro justo encima del anterior a 4 km), vamos a seguir con la canción..... Ahora que vamos despacio vamos a contar mentiras tralara

As a child sang a song that said..... now that we go slowly, we will tell lies tralara, we will tell lies tralara...... well, let's add one more to this group of "enlightened" that lead us, first that the weight Volcano Causes Earthquakes, after some works in a port that has no works causes earthquakes, then that if the pevolca meets to talk about the crisis of vilaflor (precisely that is not spoken) and the last that if the Earthquake is tectonic ( Look where it's an LP and on top today we have another just above the previous 4 KM), let's continue with the song..... now that we go slowly we will tell lies tralara"

Volcanes y Ciencia Hoy - Volcanoes and Science Today.
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IMO Pevolca should looking at the whole scenario of whats happen now with all the activity around Vilaflor and Volcano Enmedio.

IMO what a waste of time at such an important meeting just to discuss that the origin of the 4.2 Earthquake was tectonic a whole broader spectrum of activity should have discussed and an official notice by Pevolca given to the public.

The activity is still ongoing for all to see with daily earthquakes Volcano Enmedio and around Teide.

Please note this is only my own personal opinion.

The links below and translation explain that Tectonic earthquakes can be an indication of a possible eruption.


By Dioniso Javier Formoso Criado •Jan 23, 2019


The activity tectonic Earthquake in the environment of volcanic buildings (1-45 km of crater) are precursor signs of eruption in many cases.

Several studies have been published in recent years by USGS researchers from the USA as well as other universities around the world that after a thorough analysis of all the available information of historical eruptions and contrasted magmatic intrusions, they have concluded that One of the key indicators to detect eruptions in 'dormant' volcanic buildings without activity in decades is the existence prior to an eruption of volcanic tectonic seismic activity at distances between 1 to 45 km from the crater or conduit of the future eruption, which in a principle could be analyzed as earthquakes associated with tectonic activity linked to existing faults,but that undoubtedly are caused by magmatic intrusions in depth that cause re-accommodation and release of tensions in existing faults and are also clear precursor signs of eruptive processes.
Below we provide several links to existing studies to deepen this subject that is certainly relevant to the analysis of increased seismicity in the Teide volcanic building and, in general, in the Canary Islands in recent months. 

The first of these is from two USGS researchers and is called 'volcano-tectonic earthquakes, VT, a new tool for quantifying magmatic intrusions and predicting eruptions' published on October 20, 2015 in issue 309 of the' Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 'by Randal White and Wendy McCausaland:

Where they say:
We present data on 136 high frequency earthquakes and swarms, called volcanic seismicity (VT), which preceded 111 eruptions in 83 volcanoes, in addition to data on TV swarms that preceded intrusions in 21 other volcanoes. We found that VT seismicity is usually the first seismic precursor reported for eruptions in volcanoes that have been dormant for decades or longer, and precedes eruptions of all types of magma from basaltic to rhyolitic and all explosions from VEI 0 to ultraplinian VEI 6-in volcanoes 'asleep'. Because large eruptions occur more frequently during the resumption of activity in inactive volcanoes for a long time, VT seismicity is an important precursor to the most dangerous eruptions on Earth.
Surprisingly, we found that VT seismicity originates at distal locations in tectonic fault structures at distances from one to tens of kilometers laterally from the site of the eventual eruption, and rarely, if ever, begins below the same eruption site . VT distal swarms generally occur at depths almost equal to the horizontal distance of the swarm from the top to a distance of approximately 15 km, beyond which the depths of the hypocentre are leveled. We summarize several important characteristics of this distal VT seismicity, which include: swarm nature, days of onset to years prior to the onset of magmatic eruptions, increased activity at the time of the initial eruption, whether phreatic or magmatic.

Another very interesting study that was recently published in September 2018 by researchers Diana C. Roman and Katharine V. Cashman, Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, Carnegie Institution for Science, Washington, DC, United States, and School of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol, Bristol, in the United Kingdom and entitled ' Seismic activity from the surface at deep distances as indicators of eruptive phases: Implications for seismic or' stealthy 'processes of magma rise and long-term eruption forecast '  in said study it is said:

Volcanic eruptions occur when a conduit is formed to connect a reservoir of magma in the crust to the surface of the Earth. In general, duct formation is assumed to be a "bottom-up" process and one of the main drivers of precursor volcanic seismicity, which is the most commonly monitored parameter in volcanoes around the world. If both assumptions are true, the precursor or initial seismicity must coincide spatially with the magma stored petrologically in the magmatic chambers at depth. A review of six well-documented case studies of volcanoes that are part of a regional volcanic system or arc tells us that the eruption after decades of resting periods tells us that, on the contrary, 

We propose a model that involves a three-phase process in the eruptive processes of this type of volcanic buildings: The initial formation of magma (partial) exit ducts occurs during a "stealth" phase, either asymmetrically or much before, it is the stage prior to the eruption. The staging may involve slow promotion rates and / or small volumes. The second phase is a phase of destabilization that coincides with the beginning of distant seismicity activity of the future crater of the eruption, distal VT, which leads to a third phase of "tapping" that involves the rise of additional magma from the reservoir. magma in depth. This model implies that, most critically,
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No surprise IGN volcanic monitoring is once again not updating the earthquakes and has not updated anything since yesterday afternoon.

Yesterdays graph Tenerife between 13:00 - 24:00 show activity the links shown below are all listed in time sequence.

I am no expert but if you look at each graph  to me earthquakes were happening up until midnight but not one more Earthquake since the 2.4 at 13:17 to midnight has been updated by IGN.
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A strong statement by Enrique .


"B-"the technicians and the direction of the ign in the canary islands treat us like fools".- the others we don't know anything.- while the movements are still without locating.- it is inadmissible that several people in high Volcanic Surveillance in the canary islands not only take fools to all the staff hiding data and doing what they want without anyone telling them anything. It's over for the good ones... from today we will put all the meat on the grill. I have a multitude of stories to tell you and I couldn't in your day. Let's start!!

0.- today just like the last 17 years they have their wide work in their unfinished work (I've been following them since 2001), dozens of earthquakes in the seismograms of the archipelago, seismograms incomplete, broken or off, now Also without resolution and retouched and only a scrawny Earthquake of magnitude 1.2 to 7 km deep in the area of the volcano in the middle.

Es2019bebok 30/01/2019 01:54:10 01:54:10 28.1623 16.1596 7 KM M 1.2 Mblg Atlantic-Canary Islands

Another very different thing is that luxury and fine are allowed to carry the contrary to people who overcome them and much in knowledge, experience and management of volcanoes and volcanic crises with claims that go against everything known in seismic and volcanology, with such To make your own world the absolute truth saying nonsense and amazing and amazing things that go against everything written on the subject for years in all kinds of scientific publications and great specialists on the subject, putting in serious risk to the entire canary population.

A recklessness to have this group of people like these as responsible for this service and that of course it will have harmful consequences in case of natural disaster, being the canaries who suffer mainly the consequences of all these bad decisions.

I do not understand how the civil governorate of the canary islands and civil protection do not take action before this bomb

I have prepared some beauties with those who delight us from the ign, here is no one. Judge for yourselves. Those responsible always the same, and who ask me always that from the name of those who speak ill of them to go for them, here they have them with hairs and signs and if you want, you can send a personal message to:

- Maria José Blanco
Director of ign in the Canary Islands.
Public email => source:

- Ithaiza Dominguez

From this last, itahiza must highlight his combative attitude since if you take the contrary, he refutes everything that is told with tantrums and threats like a boy boy and not with data, no matter that the people who tell him are Experts, people with great knowledge or people I could learn. However, there you have it. All the volcanic surveillance of the canary islands is in its command. Pray everything you know because the catastrophe is safe with this mediocre in command if we have an eruption. The last time in  El Hierro was Mr. Ramón Ortiz who was in charge.. and saved them from miracle. Now not anymore.

Ultimately in this great organism that is the ign have snuck two people who will destroy it, literally speaking with their actions: mediocre, incapable, selfish, greedy, incompetent and with a lack of humility more than obvious and without empathy for the Others (the canaries).

In all their public appearances they show that their jobs are coming too big, that they are taking advantage to win a pasture, do the thesis and publish data "reserved to them" for their own benefit, so that in the end they are not capable of Do the or with a joint or nothing right. The worst thing is that they don't improve, they go worse. That if they defend themselves with nails and teeth if someone leads them the opposite, not hesitating to threaten, hinder, hinder, and prevent what other people try to do for the good of the canaries.

You know, now I don't mind saying it, for years I suffered in avcan the continuous programming changes of the ign, ordered by these gentlemen, so that we don't get your data from They changed it every week and we fixed it until they changed technique. They finished to destroy it, they went to the source, with threats up to the phone to several of the partners and board of directors, they were not interested and Now you know who gave the lace to avcan.

All the times I've tried to collaborate with them, they denied me. Every time another body has tried, such as british universities, Granada or Madrid, too. The reason for all this is not known, its trail is lost in the complicated world of high spheres and canarian interests, but one thing is clear. The Canaries will be the one to pay the duck if this is not remedied, good night SadEnrique)

Don't miss the articles... Nefarious... it is seen that they have no idea of the volcanic phenomenon and with them we are avocado to the volcanic disaster Hold Tight: PS: don't miss the memes I found on the net.

Edited: note has been removed one of the images for violation of the privacy of a person who does not want to appear in this post please accept my apologies. (Enrique).
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Welcome on board Jand, we all are more than happy to finally have you here! Heart
I Heart Fuerteventura
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