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islands canary volcanic activity split

Volcanic activity in Canary Islands 2020
The first New Years update courtesy of Enrique.


"activity in Tenerife, in addition to the caldera is the south dorsal in the area of vilaflor de chasna, and adeje. Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.- 25/12/2019-in the 3-day chart we appreciate something, but especially in the 15-day chart, it is clearly appreciated as regional seismic tensions are affecting the whole area Central and south of the island, both those coming from the area of the dorsal in direction east - west as those coming in north - south direction.

1.- We start by a lonely deep Earthquake today on the north coast of the teno massif with a magnitude of 1.8 and at a depth of 42 km, which will surely be relocalizarán. It's soon to say nothing, if it had been under the area of caldera or surroundings, it wouldn't be too much, it could be a precursor

2.- yesterday if it is new, we have had a little seismicity and microsismicidad with three Events in the area of adeje about 4.9-5.5 KM DEEP, to which one of antesdeayer and another is joined on the 25th. December, just in the area where the seismic swarms of October 2016, October 2017 and November 2018 were produced, which could be the start of something in the next few weeks, as in 2019 We haven't had it... we'll see what happens

3.- also the year has been fired with a lot of activity in the area of the swarm of the south dorsal in the area of vilaflor of chasna and north of arona, with more than a dozen earthquakes in the last 15 days At depths between 7 and 11 km deep and with a remarkable Earthquake of magnitude 2.4 to 9 km, since it follows the activity of that area where every day looks clearer that there is a bag or Accumulation of magma that responds to regional efforts with seismicity.

4.- and what to say about the caldera area, where regional efforts are noticed on the central building, aligned in two main directions, which cross right in the peak of the teide. One is the alignment teide pico viejo and the other is from the teide to the south leaving the caldera through the area of Boca de tauce. This lineup goes to the area of adeje, on the line where the seismic swarms of October 2016, October 2017 and November 2018 were produced, which as I said before, could be the beginning of Something in the next few weeks, since in 2019 we haven't had it... we'll see what happens

5.- in the area of the altos de fasnia we have had a couple of earthquakes located, one of them only 3 km deep indicating regional efforts, as not.

6.- Finally the area of the volcano in the middle where there are endless earthquakes, but without concentrating on a concrete point, for lack of seismic stations especially in the area of Gran Canaria, which causes a dispersion Data that has no arrangement or end. Involcan gives you a thousand laps in the area to ign.

And by the way, talking about involcan, in its last guayota, lower the amount of Co2 or carbon dioxide issued by the pico del teide and upload the temperature of the fumaroles for the second week in a row, we will see what takes us all this.

And we don't improve with the ign, backwards, we are in the hands of people who increasingly invest in safety of the inhabitants and visitors of the island. The fact is that the ign only matters to be or say things face to the gallery, data the less, and every time is minor, they only use it for scientific articles, presentations to raise funds and little professional jobs.

In this aspect, they should make an obvious improvement in the regulated working methods of their technicians, especially in the aspect of safety, (sampling gases without gloves) that we still do not know for what they are, since they do not bother to explain, We will have to wait for the corresponding publication in a scientific magazine in a few years. Ahhh, and that no one gets in the middle, that they delete it from the list, say that they have been trying with me for years and a lot of the people I know and talk about I remind you the survey.. (Enrique)"

PS: for clear and open seismic and volcanic information. No to the censorship of the IGN Canary Islands.

Summary of the seismicity
Today Friday-03/01/2020-1 located at the moment.
Es2020adybp 03/01/2020 03:33:14 28.3856 42 km m 1.8 mblg nw north buenavista. Itf

Yesterday Thursday-02/01/2020-3 located
Es2020adlgb 02/01/2020 21:04:25 28.1485 5.5 km m 0.2 mblg nw adeje. Itf
Es2020acoom 02/01/2020 09:37:10 28.1609 5.4 km m 0.7 mblg n adeje. Itf
Es2020abxxi 02/01/2020 01:12:15 28.1672 4.9 km m 1.1 mblg n adeje. Itf

Wednesday-01/01/2020-6 located
Es2020abuis 01/01/2020 23:24:17 28.1366 11.1 km m 0.4 mblg sw vilaflor de chasna. Itf
Es2020ablgf 01/01/2020 18:48:36 28.1518 5.0 km m 0.2 mblg n adeje. Itf
Es2020abgsa 01/01/2020 16:30:50 27.9465 4.0 km m 1.1 Mblg Atlantic-Canary Islands
Es2020aawsw 01/01/2020 11:28:44 28.0290 35.0 km m 1.5 Mblg Atlantic-Canary Islands
Es2020aalxb 01/01/2020 06:00:14 28.0513 4.0 km m 1.2 Mblg Atlantic-Canary Islands
Es2020aaaoe 01/01/2020 00:16:29 28.1426 8.9 km m 1.1 mblg sw vilaflor de chasna. Itf

Tuesday-31/12/2019-5 located
Es2019zqrig 31/12/2019 19:26:37 28.3564-15.6270 28 1.7 Mblg Atlantic-Canary Islands
Es2019zqjxh 31/12/2019 15:41:42 28.2405-16.6634 14 0.4 mblg nw vilaflor. Itf
Es2019zqfgl 31/12/2019 13:20:52 28.1600 37 1.3 Mblg Atlantic-Canary Islands
Es2019zpjmb 31/12/2019 02:20:35 28.1462-16.6659 9 0.3 mblg sw vilaflor. Itf
Es2019zpjkn 31/12/2019 02:18:48 28.1464-16.6656 9 0.4 mblg sw vilaflor. Itf

Monday-30/12/2019-4 located
Es2019zpbyf 30/12/2019 22:32:19 27.9822-16.2202 8 0.9 Mblg Atlantic-Canary Islands
Es2019znxvh 30/12/2019 07:19:38 28.1259-16.2559 23 1.1 Mblg Atlantic-Canary Islands
Es2019zntse 30/12/2019 05:14:59 28.2359 16 0.3 mblg nw vilaflor of chasna. Itf
Es2019znloy 30/12/2019 01:08:31 27.9893 0.8 Mblg Atlantic-Canary Islands

Sunday-29/12/2019-6 located
Es2019zmpfb 29/12/2019 13:50:15 28.1640 27 1.1 Mblg Atlantic-Canary Islands
Es2019zmnte 29/12/2019 13:06:07 28.0978-16.2495 21 1.2 Mblg Atlantic-Canary Islands
Es2019zmkrd 29/12/2019 11:32:51 28.1414-16.6718 9 0.8 mblg sw vilaflor. Itf
Es2019zlygo 29/12/2019 05:16:50 27.9937 30 1.0 Mblg Atlantic-Canary Islands
Es2019zlwjh 29/12/2019 04:19:26 28.2548 19 1.1 mblg ne guia de isora. Itf
Es2019zlrky 29/12/2019 01:49:48 28.1237 22 1.0 Mblg Atlantic-Canary Islands

Saturday-28/12/2019-5 located
Es2019zllli 28/12/2019 22:48:23 28.1887-16.1263 8 1.6 Mblg Atlantic-Canary Islands
Es2019zlbtc 28/12/2019 17:54:24 29.1465 30 1.8 Mblg Atlantic-Canary Islands
Es2019zkryf 28/12/2019 12:57:18 28.2132 5 0.7 16.4134 mblg is fasnia. Itf
Es2019zkgsy 28/12/2019 07:17:45 28.1859 6 0.3 16.5329 mblg w arico. Itf
Es2019zkdpm 28/12/2019 05:42:48 28.9776-17.7918 7 2.0 Mblg Atlantic-Canary Islands

Friday-27/12/2019-3 located
Es2019zjchh 27/12/2019 15:54:56 28.2835-16.5400 1.0 mblg nw fasnia. Itf
Es2019ziqmi 27/12/2019 09:57:10 27.9033-16.4083 18 1.3 Mblg Atlantic-Canary Islands
Es2019ziiyb 27/12/2019 06:08:21 28.0966 16.4850 16 0.8 mblg s ARICO. Itf

Thursday-26/12/2019-2 located
Es2019zgufj 26/12/2019 09:34:18 28.0119-16.1931 24 1.6 Mblg Atlantic-Canary Islands
Es2019zgevr 26/12/2019 01:48:22 27.7411 29 2.1 mblg w border. Ihi

Wednesday-25/12/2019-3 located
Es2019zfxdu 25/12/2019 21:55:21 27.9626-16.2023 5 1.1 Mblg Atlantic-Canary Islands
Es2019zevmn 25/12/2019 07:56:56 28.1556 16.7387 7 0.6 mblg nw adeje. Itf
Es2019zejci 25/12/2019 01:41:41 28.1311 10 0.4 mblg n arona. Itf

Interesting links:
List of earthquakes in the last 10 days in the Canary Islands:

Ign viewer of earthquakes in the canary islands

Ign Map of location of seismic Events on the island of Tenerife:

Ign Map of location of seismic Events on the island of LA Palma:

Ign Map of location of seismic Events on the island of el hierro:

If you have felt an Earthquake, fill out the quiz here:
And if it's not on the list click the link here:

Ps2: Happy new year and three wise men. (Enrique)
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Cont :
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Cont :

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And 90 days, there are several interesting things, the three swarms, 1.- in the caldera, 2.- in vilaflor and 3.- in adeje. But it looks another interesting thing and it's a row of important earthquakes along the northeast dorsal in the area of the altos de fasnia, aligned in the direction that board the old teide-Pico and indicating some remarkable efforts affecting the center From The Island. (Enrique)
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Last night a 2.5 Earthquake North West of El Hierro.

es2020agyjt 01/04/2020 19:06:36 19:06:36 27.8848 -18.0861 twenty 2.5 mbLg NW FRONTERA.IHI

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As reported courtesy of Enrique today Involcan have registered a seismic swarm in Guimar Tenerife.


"today, January 17, 2020, the canary seismic network operated by the involcan has registered a seismic swarm, located in the surroundings of güímar. From 7:32 pm, until 12:42 (Canarian time) 12 small-entity earthquakes have been registered: the maximum magnitude observed has been 1,5. most of the hypocenters are located at depths in about 25 Km. In the figure shows the epicenters of earthquakes. The uncertainty about the position of the hypocenters is several kilometers, due to the low magnitude of the Events."
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Click on the link below and you can clearly see the outline of the new swarms Tenerife.
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Latest update courtesy of Enrique.


"ACTIVITY AND REGIONAL EFFORTS, ANALYSIS OF THE AREAS OF SISMICITY OF TENERIFE AND SURROUNDINGS, CANARY ISLANDS, SPAIN.- 01/17/2020 - The regional efforts that are affecting the Canary Islands in recent days are marking several of its main centers of seismic activity, both volcanic and tectonic (failures), I will see if I can break down or explain everything that is seen in recent days.

1.- The first thing is to start today, with an activity that is located off the coast of Güimar, with 5-7 Events located in the IGN data and on the southern escarpment of the Güimar valley and in front of it, as well as, its continuation in the figure of the map that has been published on the INVOLCAN facebook, with 12 Events located by INVOLCAN. In both cases, there are three alignments in the data of both organizations, although one difference, the INVOLCAN data is more to the Northwest than those of the IGN that are more inland: The most accurate is that of INVOLCAN without doubt. The difference is normal, since each organism uses different terrain density models, which gives different results, even from the same data or Events observed.

2.- Between the volcano area of ​​Enmedio and the island of Tenerife several earthquakes have been located, highlighting one just below the volcano of magnitude 1.2 and at a depth of 20 km. If we make an alignment of the earthquakes located between this volcanic cone in the middle and the activity of the Güimar valley located by the IGN in the direction of NNW - SSE passes through another volcanic cone at the bottom of the sea and the Güimar volcano. If this alignment is followed, we reach the N head of the escarpment of the Guímar valley.

3.- We continue with the seismic activity in another structural axis, in the area of ​​the western escarpment of the Orotava valley in the area of ​​the realejos with 4 Events and that two are aligned according to said western escarpment in almost NS direction but inclined about 5 degrees a little NNW - SSE in what is a major structural fault and three according to the southern escarpment of the Güimar valley. WSW - ESE where there is another more structural failure, than chance.

4.- But there is another alignment of 2 of these earthquakes, towards Teide and beyond through the Caldera, and reaching the swarm area of ​​Adeje west of the South Dorsal that is very close. On the other hand its continuation goes to the area of ​​the cones of the eruption of 1430, a structural axis of the island of which there is no doubt and that clearly marks the tensions that the island has.

5 .- But there is more, the area of ​​Vilaflor de Chasna in the area of ​​the South Dorsal where that "peculiar" seismicity that we are having is still active and is still noted and also follows many directions, the most important of its own South Dorsal from Teide itself and the caldera in the direction of the South, towards the Guaza Mountain, another well-known axis that has led to eruptions of the most varied, from basaltic, passing through fonolites to reach the saddles.

I leave a great compilation post that I made of Montaña Guaza and the eruption of 1430 in the Orotava that I did in April of this year, more than interesting, where I leave my impressions about its possible genesis in view of the Events that occurred during the eruption of the Kilauea volcano we had at the East Rift in Leilani States Hawaii in 2018.

The rest of the archipelago, there is an Earthquake located to the North of the Palm of magnitude 1.1 in the area of ​​the Windward coast without depth and some more in the area of ​​the Island of the Iron around the magnitude 2. The rest of seismicity It is located in the sea between the islands, responds to regional tectonic efforts especially in the west and northwest of Fuerteventura and one further south of Gran Canaria.

In another order of things, INVOLCAN has published its Guayota week report where 33 Events have been located in this last week, focused mainly on two areas, the South Dorsal swarm in the area of ​​Vilaflor de Chasna and the other .. Surprise , under the TEIDE, with more than 5 crowded Events, the IGN has only located 2. Those located today in the area of ​​the Güimar valley and its coast are not included. The CO2 gases continue to fall and the temperature of the fumaroles that has dropped slightly, the less curious and suggests whether the sensors have changed.…/upl…/GUAYOTA/g...-es-co.pdf

I finish with a review of the seismicity of these last days located by the IGN ... and we follow the tonic of the generalized stunning, cutting information by the IGN and with data that does not arrive in the INVOLCAN, which we have been waiting for for many years, it is necessary Fresh data, webcams and GPS are a step, but something like putting some seismograms and spectrograms of the archipelago open, it would be great and very positive for tourism on the island, we would feel more secure and those who visit us, too. (Enrique).

PS: I remind you of the request on , the 270 signatures have passed already .. (Enrique). FOR CLEAR AND OPEN SISMIC AND VOLCANIC INFORMATION. NOT TO THE CENSURE OF IGN CANARY ISLANDS."

TODAY FRIDAY - 01/17/2020 - 8 located at the moment.
2020beeht 01/17/2020 12:09:57 28.1508 -16.3250 1.0 mbLg SE FASNIA.ITF
es2020beech 01/17/2020 12:03:36 28.2656 -16.3351 31 1.2 mbLg SE GÜÍMAR.ITF
es2020bedzz 01/17/2020 12:00 : 55 28.2498 -16.3250 30 1.3 mbLg SE GÜÍMAR.ITF
en2020bedxl 01/17/2020 11:57:59 28.2417 -16.3156 28 1.4 mbLg E FASNIA.ITF
es2020bdzwf 01/17/2020 09:55:17 28.1533 -16.2935 24 1.2 mbLg ATLÁNTICO-CANARIAS
es2020bdvdz 01/17/2020 07:32:48 28.2157 -16.3029 25 1.7 mbLg E FASNIA.ITF
es2020bdvdr 01/17/2020 07:32:28 28.2211 -16.2913 27 1.4 mbLg ATLÁNTICO-CANARIAS
es2020bdodh 01/17/20/20 03:59:51 28.0346 -16.3848 25 1.6 mbLg ATLÁNTICO-CANARIAS

Yesterday THURSDAY - 01/16/2020 - 4 located.
2020bcthm 01/16/2020 17:28:17 28.1520 -16.6663 8 0.6 mbLg W VILAFLOR DE CHASNA.ITF
es2020bbwup 01/16/2020 06:06:29 28.1503 -16.2558 27 1.1 mbLg ATLÁNTICO-CANARIAS
es2020bbptg 01/16/2020 02 : 32: 48 28.0277 -16.1643 31 1.4 mbLg ATLÁNTICO-CANARIAS
es2020bblzj 01/16/2020 00:38:42 27.9464 -16.2700 0.9 mbLg ATLÁNTICO-CANARIAS

BEFORE WEDNESDAY - 01/15/2020 - 4 located.
2020bbgzx 01/15/2020 22:07:46 27.9417 -16.2248 15 1.0 mbLg ATLÁNTICO-CANARIAS
en2020bbgxq 01/15/2020 22:05:09 28.1411 -16.6669 9 0.7 mbLg SW VILAFLOR DE CHASNA.ITF
es2020bbbul 01/15/2020 19 : 30: 08 27.9461 -16.3148 5 1.0 mbLg ATLÁNTICO-CANARIAS
en2020badsq 01/15/2020 07:20:25 28.1523 -16.6650 7 0.6 mbLg W VILAFLOR DE CHASNA.ITF

TUESDAY - 01/14/2020 - 9 located.
es2020azncn 01/14/2020 22:56:42 28.3579 -16.7301 15 1.0 mbLg SW ICOD DE LOS VINOS.ITF
es2020azhhb 01/14/2020 20:00:08 28.9706 -14.2202 13 2.3 mbLg ATLÁNTICO-CANARIAS
es2020aylxg 01/14/2020 09:12:15 28.3585 -14.5367 8 2.2 mbLg ATLÁNTICO-CANARIAS
en2020aygab 01/14/2020 06:13:40 28.3443 -16.6066 17 1.4 mbLg SW LOS REALEJOS.ITF
es2020ayfkb 01/14/2020 05:54:58 28.0974 -16.1643 20 1.2 mbLg ATLÁNTICO-CANARIAS
es2020ayebl 01/14/2020 05:14:43 28.2684 -16.6576 4 0.0 mbLg S LA GUANCHA.ITF
es2020ayali 01/14/2020 03:24:57 28.1469 -16.6668 10 0.9 mbLg SW VILAFLOR DE CHASNA. ITF
en2020ayaei 01/14/2020 03:16:47 28.1445 -16.6640 9 0.7 mbLg SW VILAFLOR DE CHASNA.ITF
2020ayacx 01/14/2020 03:15:09 28.1431 -16.6782 10 0.6 mbLg SW VILAFLOR DE CHASNA.ITF

MONDAY - 01/13/2020 - 4 located.
2020axlka 01/13/2020 19:48:51 28.8290 -17.8768 1.1 mbLg E GARAFÍA.ILP
es2020axkdm 01/13/2020 19:10:53 28.0101 -16.5490 18 1.1 mbLg SE SAN MIGUEL DE ABONA.ITF
es2020awxkb 01/13/2020 12:44:32 28.0658 -16.3674 8 1.2 mbLg ATLÁNTICO-CANARIAS
en2020awjre 01/13/2020 05:48:40 28.4623 -16.6694 32 1.0 mbLg NW SAN JUAN DE LA RAMBLA.ITF

MONDAY - 01/12/2020 - 4 located.
es2020avhrx 12/01/2020 15:40:52 28.0211 -16.2112 23 1.1 mbLg ATLÁNTICO-CANARIAS
es2020auyvq 12/01/2020 11:12:19 28.1319 -16.1397 2 1.4 mbLg ATLÁNTICO-CANARIAS
es2020auwlk 01/12/2020 10:00: 01 28.3361 -16.3006 22 1.0 mbLg E CANDELARIA.ITF
en2020aumgs 12/01/2020 04:51:20 28.2721 -16.6382 3 0.1 mbLg S LA GUANCHA.ITF

SUNDAY - 01/11/2020 - 3 located.
es2020auaol 11/01/2020 22:56:38 28.3643 -16.5921 19 0.6 mbLg SW LOS REALEJOS.ITF
es2020atnqq 11/01/2020 16:25:13 28.9480 -16.1970 17 1.6 mbLg ATLÁNTICO-CANARIAS
es2020aspgx 01/11/2020 04: 06:26 28.1499 -16.2388 29 1.0 mbLg ATLÁNTICO-CANARIAS

SATURDAY - 01/10/2020 - 2 located.
2020araww 10/01/2020 07:42:33 27.9745 -16.6305 29 1.2 mbLg S SAN MIGUEL DE ABONA.ITF
es2020aqtux 10/01/2020 04:08:03 28.1553 -16.6650 7 0.3 mbLg W VILAFLOR DE CHASNA.ITF

FRIDAY - 01/09/2020 - 2 located.
es2020aqile 01/09/2020 22:23:22 28.0826 -16.2266 9 2.4 mbLg ATLÁNTICO-CANARIAS
es2020aqhjy 01/09/2020 21:51:35 28.2616 -16.6384 3 0.2 mbLg N VILAFLOR DE CHASNA.ITF

THURSDAY - 01/08/2020 - 6 located.
2020aolgj 01/08/2020 21:32:40 28.1394 -16.6510 9 0.5 mbLg SW VILAFLOR DE CHASNA.ITF
es2020aohmr 08/01/2020 19:38:46 27.6816 -18.1193 1.4 mbLg W THE PINAR OF THE IRON.IHI
is2020aoerl 08 / 01/2020 18:13:25 28.3483 -16.6137 22 1.2 mbLg SE LA GUANCHA.ITF
es2020anhel 08/01/2020 06:21:12 28.1163 -15.0723 18 2.7 mbLg ATLÁNTICO-CANARIAS
es2020anfjv 01/08/2020 05:26:53 27.6499 -18.0581 12 1.9 mbLg SW EL PINAR DE EL HIERRO.IHI
es2020anfda 08/01/2020 05:18:56 27.0210 -15.9527 2.1 mbLg ATLÁNTICO-CANARIAS

WEDNESDAY - 01/07/2020 - 7 located.
2020amtxj 01/07/2020 23:38:57 28.1591 -16.7478 7 0.5 mbLg NW ADEJE.ITF
es2020amrgf 07/01/2020 22:18:23 28.2352 -16.6795 14 1.4 mbLg NW VILAFLOR DE CHASNA.ITF
en2020amrfl 07/01/2020 22:17:27 28.2270 -16.6745 13 0.7 mbLg NW VILAFLOR DE CHASNA.ITF
es2020alprd 07/01/2020 08:22:27 28.0590 -16.5336 15 1.1 mbLg GRANADILLA DE ABONA.ITF
es2020alnfa 07/01/2020 07:07: 46 28.1124 -16.2681 22 1.1 mbLg ATLÁNTICO-CANARIAS
en2020aljxd 07/01/2020 05:27:37 29.7266 -14.7913 3 2.1 mbLg ATLÁNTICO-CANARIAS
es2020alivs 07/01/2020 04:55:33 28.0737 -16.1411 38 1.7 mbLg CANTIAN CANARY

LIST OF SISMS IN THE LAST 10 DAYS IN THE CANARY ISLANDS:…/vlc-ul…/-/terremoto.../get10dias

VIEW OF THE IGN OF THE SISMS IN THE CANARY ISLANDS…/re…/volcanologia/tpr...arias.html




IF YOU HAVE FEELED AN Earthquake, FILL IN THE QUESTIONNAIRE HERE:…/i…/portal/sis-cuest...crosismico
https: // www /… / r… / questionnaire-macrosismico / cuesma.php
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