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corralejo walk lajares

Walk from Corralejo to Lajares
Does anybody know where to start the trek from Corralejo over to Lajares? According to a couple of guides the route starts up the road by the Football stadium but there's a quarry with gates/fences and warning signs saying no entry so the other questions are:- (a) Do you ignore the warnings and walk through the site or (b) is there another track entrance somewhere else?
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Hi father Ted,

I have a booklet from La Olivia Council that shows that walk, and several other walks.  

Hopefully that will work. The route is shown as Lajares to Corralejo. 


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25/75 Birmingham/El Cotillo. Cool
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Thanks Tom, I also have that one and whilst it mentions rd constructions it doesn't advise about the quarry. Once again thank you.
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