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caaf warning water coli

Warning! E Coli in CAAF water
Just been alerted to this news:

I am with Aguas Antigua - assume though the water all comes from the same source?
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Pájara announces that the water in Ajuy is again suitable for human consumption

The City of Pájara welcomes the lifting of the restriction on the use of water for drinking, cooking and preparing food in Ajuy, after coliform bacteria were detected in the distribution network last week.

The councillor of Waters of the southern Consistory, Rodrigo Berdullas, thanks the work of the Consortium of Water Supply in Fuerteventura (CAAF), which since last Friday proceeded to clean and disinfect the tank and the network itself in the area.

"We want to transfer to the population of the municipality, and especially to the residents of Ajuy, that the water they receive at their homes is once again suitable for human consumption, after carrying out the corresponding sanitary inspections," says the mayor.

For his part, the CEO of the CAAF, Carlos Rodríguez, apologizes to those affected by the inconvenience this may have caused, adding that "monitoring the health of users in the field of water is our main concern and responsibility" .

The Municipal Corporation has collaborated in everything necessary with CAAF staff to resolve this situation in the shortest possible time and that the neighbours suffer the least possible damage, always attending to the recommendations and indications of public health.
I Heart Fuerteventura
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(21-06-2020, 01:08 PM)Emmi Smith Wrote: I am with Aguas Antigua - assume though the water all comes from the same source?

It sounds like the source isn't the problem, but the tank that it is stored in after it has been driven in by tanker. The remote location meaning they don't have a direct connection to any water supply. It is the same problem in La Pared where there are a considerable number of houses and it has been in the news over the last couple of years because of how bad the situation is.
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