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failed heater years water

Water heater failed after 2 years??
Hi all, first post!

Installed a oitsein water heater couple of years ago and it’s slowly leaking from the outer casing and there’s a little hole by the thermostat that seems to be dripping every few minutes regardless of the hot water being used? 
Il see if I can post a pic but is this normal? Has the guy who fitted done something wrong or do they simply not last here? The old one was centuries old no issues except it didn’t provide enough hot water
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IPics of the heater, any thoughts appreciated

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Firstly welcome to the forum Gonesurfing enjoy and hope you find it informative.

Re the boiler whilst I haven't had any issues yet coming up to 4 years old, fingers crossed.  I know a number of neighbours who have already had to replace boilers and one I think is on thier 3rd boiler.  I have read somewhere it is to do with the desalinated water.
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Yes, you are right. Incorrectly ph-balanced desalinated water is the culprit. Pretty normal here, especially for cheap water heaters.

Just look at the basura sites as you drive passed, always one or two there!

My Ariston is on it's 4th year, so expect to replace it anytime soon. Anyone know who sells new Ariston boilers??
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It is time to replace the thing. Don’t think that you can wait until the drip gets progressively worse before acting because it doesn’t. It goes from a pretty inconsequential drip to a flood in an instant of it’s own choosing. The seal has started to fail and is only going one way.
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I purchased a new Ariston water heater last summer.  It was from one of the shops on the road you drive up to get to Norte y Sur in PR.  Not the shop with the cash machine but a bit further up.  Unfortunately I cannot remember the name. In the Polígono Industrial Risco Prieto/Risco Prieto Industrial Estate.  I had an Ariston before that one too and it lasted longer than expected so I got another Ariston.
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Many water heaters come with a sacrificial anode which the mineral content of the water will wear away first.  The idea is to replace this  about every 18 months thereby increasing the length of time before needing a new water heater.  I have not tried this yet but have been advised that it is worth doing.
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From Beachlife on a similar thread

"Most boilers contain a sacrificial anode. If you change the anode on a regular basis then the boiler should last longer. I have thermal solar panels with a tank holding 300 litres of water & change the anode (which is 3/4`s of a metre in length) every 4 years and its been installed since 2010 (fingers crossed) its still going strong.

The problem is most people don`t know or can`t be bothered to change the anode. So the minerals within the water attack the casing when the small anode in the normal anodes in most of the boilers used on the island have all been exhausted. Change the anode & you`ll get at least double the age or more on a boiler before you have to change it."
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(03-02-2020, 09:42 AM)Gonesurfing Wrote: ...Has the guy who fitted done something wrong or do they simply not last here?...

I don't think the fitter is to blame here. The water would drip since day one. Fitted ours myself and there wasn't need to open the heaters cover to get anywhere near the seal so I would expect the person who installed your heater didn't have to get there neither.

You can get someone to fix it or get a brand new heater instead. If you'll go for the repair, ask them to replace the anode as well so there's no need to call someone in one or two years time again.

Good luck and welcome to the forum.
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If it's any comfort to you, we got 1 year and 10 months usage out of our last Otsein water boiler before the heating element shorted out ( better than it leaking which is what the last one did!).

Otsein boilers come with a 2 year warranty, but this warranty will only be honoured if the boiler remains in situ, untouched, until an Otsein engineer calls.

The Otsein 'head office' in Rosario is not the easiest place to find......it's behind another business and cannot be seen from the road!
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