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what’s latest charges bank

What’s the latest on bank charges ?
Hi All,

Unfortunately after three years of fee-free Banking with Bankia I am faced with large fees from mid November so need to make alternative arrangements. Like many non-residents I only need an account for DDs with Comunidad, electricity (Endesa), water (CAAF) and council taxes (La Oliva). I can manage cash in other ways.

I have just opened a Wise account so now have my Belgian IBAN and am aware of IBAN discrimination being illegal in the EU but I am also aware that some institutions do not recognise this.

Simple question, has anyone successfully moved over to Wise and away from a Spanish IBAN ? I suspect Endesa will be okay but I am less sure about CAAF. As for the other two, if need be I will simply close my Bankia account and pay monthly community fees and annual council taxes manually. It is the two utilities that are my main concern.

Thanks for any replies.

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I had trouble (but not too much) getting Endesa to accept Wise. Haven’t tried CAAF yet, emailed them a few times but no response so I guess it’s a trip to the office next time. We are in Antigua area & know they will only accept a Spanish bank for IBI/Basura DD, tried them with Revolut & it was a NO but not tried them with Wise yet. Just paid in cash on last visit.
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Thanks for the info.

Regarding Endesa, will you please say a little more about your experience. 

Three years ago I went to the Endesa office in Puerto to change DD from Sabadell to Bankia and it went smoothly. The office looks like a shop on one of the main shopping streets, take a ticket and wait your turn....

Did you go to the same place and why the initial reticence to change things for you ? What did you say to change their minds ?

Frustrating about Antigua council. You would think a public body would know their obligations under EU law to accept all EU IBANs equally.

Thanks again.
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We're using Revolut / Starling only and were told at the Caleta town hall we can't use UK IBAN to pay DD but they were happy to provide an account number to send the payments to. It's just once a year, not a big deal and better that paying €200 yearly charges for the privilege to have a Spanish bank account.
I Heart Fuerteventura
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Thanks for that info. Who supplies your water and electricity and can I take it that these two are both okay with a GB IBAN ? Like you I will drop my council DD if necessary and pay it myself when it falls due each year.
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I didn’t go into the Endesa office. I did it all online from the U.K. I started off trying to add new bank details to the app but it would not accept Wise details so connected with the chat service. Guy I spoke to said it “should” have been ok but he would sort it out. Got an email within 24hrs saying new bank details accepted & it’s been paid ok for the last few bills. HTH
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