Hi guest and welcome to the Fuerteventura forum. This is just a reminder of mandatory masks almost everywhere on the island.

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their where locals have weddings

Where do the locals have their weddings?
I am considering getting married in Fuerteventura in 2020 and I would love to know what a typical local wedding would consist of and what venues are popular for locals.
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Information here about weddings on Fuerteventura: https://www.fuerteventuraguide.com/getti...teventura/
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Welcome to the forum 2020Bride.

Currently, it is possible to have a legally recognized wedding in Spain only if one of the partners is resident in the country. If you're not living in Spain for at least a couple of years (I could be wrong), you can't have a legally recognised wedding in Fuerteventura.

Catholic Church could be the only exclusion of this rule but I don't have too much knowledge on that.

If your wedding is only Blessings following a Register Office Wedding in the UK (or your country of residence) first; then I would say a Beach Wedding is probably the best option.

I won't be able to help with the "typical" local wedding in Fuerteventura as I never attended on on the island, perhaps someone else can help with that, just wanted to explain a bit the legal situation.
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The Reverend Bob Horrocks is an Anglican Chaplain who can carry out a Wedding Blessing. 
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Beach Weddings (or the blessing of a marriage on a beach), has become somewhat more difficult!!

I understand that a number of permits are now required,  not too sure exactly how many or where from, but failure to get the correct permits may result in a €5,000 fine.

So, if you are planning an on the beach event, please make sure your wedding planner, or who ever, gets all the right permits. 

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Definitely saw a ceremony of some sort (perhaps wedding blessing or vow renewal if legal marriages aren't permitted) taking place on the beach near the shopping centre in Caleta recently! I think some people also get married in the little church in Las Salinas, maybe?
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There was a wedding fayre in Corralejo over the weekend.  The first one ever.
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