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dog where ramp car

Where to buy - Dog car ramp
We have a large dog who finds it difficult to get in the back of our car . We live in Caleta, does anyone know if you can buy car dog ramps anywhere on the island. T.I.A
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Hi Alvin,

Honestly, no idea where would I be looking for a dog car ramp, probably in a mobility shop, they should have some kind of car ramps for wheelchairs.

A much cheaper option would probably be to build one yourself or get someone to build it for you. All you need is a couple of bits of plywood (2ft x 3ft or similar size), a couple of hinges, some old carpet on top of it and some glue plus a few screws for the hinges.

Sorry if I couldn't be more helpful.
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Or try Steve at Miraflor Mobility - you never know!  Wink
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You could try the car dealership of your vehicle, I know that Land Rover now do a pet ramp so other may also do them.

Another thought is design one and get one of the aluminium companies to fabricate it for you.
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You could ask in the Veterinary surgery, they may know.
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I was in the Caleta vets earlier today and they have pictures of dog ramps on the wall - so should hopefully be able to help.
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