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with where moment covid stay apartments flight

Where to stay - at the moment with Covid 19
Could someone in Fuertaventura help please. I am due to travel to the Island from UK in 3 days time, Friday 3rd July. My flight is going ahead. My apartments say their closed until end of July on their website (Oasis Duna, Corallejo). My travel company is awful, not able to contact them and are asking me for my options rather than cancelling it. 

Im wondering if I'm forced to take my flight or lose my Money, is there anywhere to stay on the Island - I have a 5yo and we wanted the swimming pool of course and plenty to do. Any apartments anyone can suggest, any pools open, any tourists on the Island yet even?

We were looking forward to visiting the island for the first time. Thank you in advance of any advice anyone can give me. 

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These are the hotels/apartments that will be open on 3rd July. Quite a few are opening up on 1st July, ready for incoming flights -
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The FO are due to give an update tomorrow I believe on whether it is “safe” to travel. This will be relevant for you. If your flight is not cancelled & actually takes off you will not get a refund is the FO changes it’s “no travel advisory” which I believe is likely to be the case. The people actually living there are more likely to know what is open & not. I am sure they will advise 😁
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I'd also look at AirBnB and VRBO. A lot of people have had months without any touristic lets and would probably be happy to let the place out at a reasonable price to get some cash in and also get someone into the house for a bit.
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Carlyn - PM sent.
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Is that your email? Not a good idea to put your email out there like that. Good chance you'll see an increase in spam. If you can I'd change the user name.
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I have sent you an email
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A point of interest we were out last night with a neighbour who has an apartment to rent on Fuerteventura Golf, she indicated that the rules that are in place are very stringent and due to the cleaning regime they have to follow they and others with only one or two lets that they may clean themselves are not doing back to back lets, plus if a guest ends up with COVID 19 they have to stay in the accommodation for 14 days quarantine  so if she had a follow on booking it would be her that had to find the alternative accommodation for the new arrival.
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All property owners and hotels would be impacted by this - so what is the legal position? Who pays? What are the rights of the respective parties? I can't see the insurance company of either party wanting to pay up assuming the visitor has insurance.
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I think any type of letting could get very complicated. Not easy on the people that book the same property every year but what can you do.
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