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corralejo wifi

Wifi in Corralejo...
Hi all

I have just posted this on another site too... I am not sure how things work here so big apologies if I have broken any protocol...

We have just purchased a holiday home in Corralejo. I need a wifi solution and I am hoping that I can do this without a phone line as we use our mobiles when we are here anyway. I would like English TV (the soaps!!) and wifi. Could anyone advise the best way to go about this and/or any suppliers covering Corralejo? I have seen a couple of posts covering other areas in Fuerteventura and the suppliers seem very local to specific areas. I am no techi so any advice you could give me would really help... Thank you Amy D

ps I need to try and sort this out by end of September... in 'canary time' am I kidding myself?? Amy D
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Getting internet connection isn't a big deal, the issue is to choose the right one for your location. Talking to a few neighbours to find out what they're using right now and what they've tried in the past is your best shot.

If there's a possibility to have a fibre instead of broadband, go for it, please. The price difference isn't huge but the speed matters, especially if you're planning to watch English TV which will go through the connection.

If you have a phone socket (connection) already in the property you'll be absolutely fine with your deadline, it only depens how fast you can contact the provider, once you decide which one to go with. All you'll have to do then is to pop into their office/shop and sign the contract. Usually on year and that's the reason why you want to ask around first. They'll send someone (in a couple of days)  to connect your new router (supplied by the company) and Bob's your uncle.
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Should you decide to go with Movistar, go to the shop in Corralajo after 1pm and try to see Daniel.

He speaks very good English (the other staff struggle or don't try) and he was exceptional good at getting us set up (well above and beyond what you could expect).

If you decide to go with Fuertewifi, just be aware that problems are frequent and help when you haven't got the internet is useless. Message them on a Saturday and you get a reply to contact them on Monday. 

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How about a data sim in a mifi router? £20 per month for 12 months or £10 per month for 6 months, then £20 for next 18 months on a 2 year deal?  Unlimited data and available to roam abroad in Canaries and around the world generally.  Using a chromecast you can view on an ordinary TV with HDMI socket.
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How long will Three(UK) let you to use it in roaming? I would expect them to get curious after a couple of weeks.

OK, found it at

Monitoring roaming use
As part of their fair use policy, your operator can monitor and check your roaming use over a 4 month period. If, during this period, you have spent more time abroad than at home AND your roaming use exceeds your domestic use, your operator may contact you and ask you to clarify your situation. You will have 14 days to do so.

If you continue to spend more time abroad than you do at home and your roaming consumption continues to exceed your domestic usage your operator may start charging you extra for your roaming use. The surcharges (excluding VAT) are capped at:

€0.032 per minute of voice calls made
€0.01 per SMS
€4.50 per GB of data (cap in 2019)
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I use BT Mobile and have 12Gb per month as part of my broadband / mobile package and when out last winter for our 180 days we had no problem or questions asked.  Having said that we were back in the UK for 18 hours and then 2 hours  whilst in transit through Heathrow half way through the winter so will have possibly been seen to be only away for 3 months and then 3 months.
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So as AmyD is using her place in Corralejo as a holiday home, there shouldn't be a problem with the suggested setup.  I would never have recommended it for a permanent resident.
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So is there a Spanish company which supplies a similar contract so you could leave the system setup permanently for monitoring cctv for example?
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Orange 4g en casa gives you 50gb of data per month and works fine for cctv monitoring, internet browsing and some tv/films. No good if you want full-time tv, kids on youtube etc. I only pay €23/month. Normally over €30.
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Thanks for that Archer exactly what I needed. Do you know where is best to get that deal preferably in the north of the island?
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