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selling privately apartment

selling apartment privately
Hello there - I have an apartment to sell and was wondering if it's worthwhile trying to sell privately? Any suggestions on websites etc. that might do the job?
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You could try Idealista and Milanuncios or some of the FB pages and FB Marketplace.
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Hi,  we sold ours privately with a sign on the outside,  suppose it depends where Te you are as to whether this would be visible enough,  also fotocasa and idelista as suggested,  maybe even on here,  world of mouth is also a powerful tool!  Good luck
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Welcome to the forum Durkin.

We bought our place privately so I would say it's definitely worth a shot.

Estate agents will do mostly the same thing as you - post the property at a few (free to use) websites and will charge at least 5% of the price. To be fair, they'll also use their email list and their own website, both possibly outdated but at least something extra. And don't forget the magazines, targeting mostly expats, owning a property they already live in, in most cases.

If you want to sell privately, do so before you list with any estate agent, please. If you do it the other way round, the agent will claim their fees if they introduced the property to your buyer even if you sell later, without the agent being involved in the sale at all.
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Plus one to the selling privately vote! I have just purchased a property, and after alot of experience with trying to buy a property from estate agents I can tell you for sure that they lose you more sales than you can possibly gain. 

Most of all my comment would be that when I am interested in a property I wan't to have confidence that I know what I am buying, and the majority of the state agents just plane out lied to me. After multiple bad experiences I started testing them by asking them questions that I already knew the answers to just to see if they were honest, they rarely were. I would say out of 10 I found 2 that I would recommend.

In particular the process of actually carrying out the sale with a Notary is much cheaper in Spain than the comparable costs in the UK, so don't let an estate agent dupe you out of large fees that don't need to be paid.
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