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solicitor recomendation
Good Morning,
Hope all is well with everyone today !! 

Just wondered if I can get a quick recommendation for a solicitor for buying in Fuerta Corralejo area. I did see a topic but struggling to find it. appreciate someone who has purchased and happy with solicitor thank you
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I used Napoleon Gonzalez for my purchase in Corralejo, he's based in Puerto but very efficient and more than reasonably priced.
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Beatriz Alvarez has done a fantastic job for our recent purchase, very approachable and prompt in dealing with any questions. 
Ours was in Caleta but she is based in Puerto.
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Beatriz Alvarez Martinez

C/ Duero (Esq. Secundino Alonso) 9 - 2nd floor
Oficina 8 - Edificio Ventura
35600 Pto. del Rosario
Tel: 928 532 116
Fax: 928 532 115
Mov: 609 558 340

This lady comes highly recommended a number of people including me.  She has practiced on the island for a long time
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Also have experience with Beatriz. She has handled everything for us from our purchase, and we've been very happy with her. Lovely lady with great communication skills and a broad knowledge-base, and who has always been very obliging when we've needed assistance or information. Her office in Puerto is very close to the shopping centre for parking/bus access.
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I know a lot of people swear by Beatriz but we didn't have a good experience with her and know of others who are not that happy. I think that maybe she is OK if all goes smoothly. We can recommend both Fuerteventura Law and Carolina Romano. FL are in PDR and Carolina is based in Caleta but lives in PDR. Although Carolina is not a solicitor she does all the donkey work and is backed up by Daniel from FL.
Carolina has handled 3 purchases/sales for us and we were very pleased, especially as a couple were not simple transactions.
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We used Aguado Damsell y Reguera SL in Corralejo.
Jacobo is the solicitor 
Tel +34 928 867 467 or +34 928 867 755

We had very good experience with them, used them on 2 purchases, 1 sale, and 2 court cases for non payment of rent and take back control of the property from the tenant.
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Just found the address

Aguado Damsell Reguera S.L.
C. Juan de Austria/Esq. C. Anzuelo
Edificio La Menara Local 11
35660 Corralejo
Islas Canarias

Tel:  (+ 34) 928 867467
        (+ 34) 928 867755  
Fax: (+34) 928 536443
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Thank you guys 
The real estate are recommending a solicitor who has already dealt with the plots and new builds already sold. Called Cesar Zarza Abogoda. 
But I was always advised to get your own solicitor rather than one through real estate.
Anybody used Cesar ? Either way I prefer someone recommended. Thank you for your replies and advise Cool
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If the recommended law firm is Glex in Puerto (the name you give looks familiar so I think it might be) then this is who I used about 7 years ago. Circumstances (flying back to the U.K. the next day) meant that I decided to go with the agent’s recommendation that they were experienced with my chosen development. Of course this is not good practice but it went very smoothly indeed and I am happy to recommend this firm.
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