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question hire sorry car

sorry car hire question
I was over in September and the cost of car hire meant I didn't bother for the first time in years.  Sorry for being lazy but have the prices come down?   Looking to come over in December or January.
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Seems the best way is to book as far in advance as possible to get the best prices atm
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The prices are always following the demand.
At the start of COVID, I was renting a brand new car for €250/ month

September was busy as we had a lot of people here!

Christmas is also usually quite expensive

Checkout TopCar’s and Cicar’s website to get an idea of how much it will be.
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Top car is still expensive and Cicar has nothing available?
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Autoreisen have availability in early January but you are still looking at 30 - 35
Euros per day.
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