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Full Version: where can I buy window shutters?
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As it says we are a bit concerned with security.  Where can we get window shutters?
Either supply only fitted.  Also any idea of cost would be helpful

Mine were supplied by maurilorenzo@hotmail.com
Mauricio has some English, he will measure up and then give you a quote.
Difficult to suggest a price without knowing the size of your windows.
Yes I realise its difficult was kind of looking for examples.
I've sent you an email.
I could do with a rough idea of costs too please.
1.1m x 1.15m Inox bronze 2 leaf shutters. .made to order & fitted €400
Aluminium TecFuer - Enrique
Speaks good English and can provide computer design and price service. Choice of finishes and colours.

He made gates, patio shutters and more. Happy with his work and price.

We have also used Aluminios Fuerterra for a large window & frame job. No probs and happy.
We had security bars made by “Islatold” (shop in Caleta) & fitted by a local builder. Two windows & one lockable gate/door for approx 900€ (supply only) & fitting approx 200€. Sizes were approx 1.3 mtr x 1.3 mtr, 1.3 mts x 1 mtr & door (with metal frame, lock & hinges of 2.2mts x 0.85 mts. That was three years ago. HTH
Thanks for the info.
I've just read an article about planning permission in Spain which seems to indicate you need permission for everything.
Is this actually the case in Fuerteventura too & would shutters need (minor) planning permission?
If so is it easy enough to get? We're hoping to purchase a property soon.
“Technically” I suppose you might need permission as it is an “external change in appearance” but in real terms I doubt if anybody ever/rarely does. We certainly didn’t & most houses around us have them. HTH