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Are any precautions being taken in Fuerteventura against  this virus?
Yes we are avoiding all the China shops and Chinese Restaurants Smile Smile Smile Smile
Well, the great British public are doing the same here in the UK.
(13-02-2020, 01:53 PM)Johnrgby Wrote: [ -> ]Yes we are avoiding all the China shops and Chinese Restaurants Smile Smile Smile Smile

Nice one John ­čĄú­čśé­čĄú­čśé
Some info to keep everyone up to date:

The closest case of Coronavirus was a couple of weeks ago (29th Jan) when five people were admitted and isolated in an Hospital on La Gomera. 1st case confirmed, 4 others suspected. The infected person travelled from Germany to Tenerife South and from there he took a ferry to La Gomera.

Today's news - The patient in La Gomera tested negative and will be released soon:

The hospitalized coronavirus patient in La Gomera is negative

The patient admitted to the Hospital of La Gomera since January 29 affected by coronavirus has been negative in the last analysis and continues without any symptoms, reported the Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands.

The tests will be repeated within 24 hours and if the negative result is confirmed, you will be discharged immediately.

The patient is a German citizen who travelled to La Gomera on vacation in the company of five friends, and although apparently he was infected in his country he was diagnosed after his arrival in the Canary Islands.

His friends remain in a situation of home monitoring in the municipality of Hermigua.

Four men initially presented symptoms but were negative in two tests and their follow-up period will continue until February 14 included.

The fifth German tourist, who has remained asymptomatic throughout his stay in the Canary Islands, will conclude this observation period on Thursday, in accordance with the action protocol set by the Ministry of Health.

After the period of home surveillance, these people can resume their lives with absolute normality, without restrictions of any kind, the Ministry of Health has informed.

Coronavirus protocol activated after a first positive in Tenerife

The Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands informs that the protocol established by Coronavirus has been activated after confirming that an Italian citizen has given a positive first in the tests carried out this afternoon at the University Hospital Nuestra Senora de La Candelaria. The protocol establishes the obligation to perform second tests at the National Center for Microbiology of the Carlos III Health Institute. The citizen is isolated and under sanitary control.

In coordination with the Ministry of Health, the same protocol has been activated in the Canary Islands that has been put in place before other suspicious cases in other parts of Spain.

Free Help Line

We remind you that the Ministry of Health has activated a toll-free telephone line ( 900 112 061 ), from which a Nursing team, under the coordination of the Canary Islands Emergency Service (SUC), will respond to requests for information from citizens about prevention measures, possibilities of infection and false concepts related to the virus.

Courtesy of Radio Sintonia.
A couple of articles I came across @ Diario de Fuerteventura:

The case of Coronavirus forces to control 1,000 people in Tenerife

State security forces and bodies have quarantined people staying in the same hotel as the infected Italian doctor

The case of Coronavirus of an Italian doctor detected in Tenerife has forced a thousand tourists who are staying in the same hotel as the infected person to be under control at dawn on Tuesday.

This has been advanced by the newspaper Diario de Avisos, which reveals that the hotel establishment is the H10 Costa Adeje Palace, located in the municipality of Adeje, in the south of Tenerife.

The Italian doctor who tested positive for Coronavirus on Monday is admitted to the University Hospital Nuestra Se├▒ora de Candelaria and had been staying with his wife for a week in the aforementioned tourist complex.

As a result of the quarantine, none of the clients staying at the hotel can leave it.

The affected one tested positive in the first analysis and is waiting for the results of the final tests, which are ongoing in Madrid, to be known.

The authorities indicate that the measure has been taken by activating the health protocols provided for cases of Coronavirus.

However, the sources consulted by EFE point out that, formally, at this time there can be no talk of isolation or quarantine, but of surveillance.

Both clients and hotel workers will be tested and, depending on their results, decisions will be made.

The Italian Coronavirus patient has good health

The Italian doctor who tested positive in a first analysis of Wuhan's Coronavirus on Monday is in good health and isolated at the Candelaria hospital in the capital of Tenerife.

Official sources have confirmed to EFE that two family members who accompanied the patient during his stay in Tenerife and that have been negative in the first analysis for the detection of the Coronavirus are also under control in the same centre.

The man, from the Italian region of Lombardia, where an outbreak of Coronavirus has been recorded in recent days, went yesterday to a private clinic in southern Tenerife as he had a fever.

After a first positive analysis, he was transferred to the Candelaria hospital, and is awaiting a second result from the National Center for Microbiology of the Carlos III Health Institute, which is expected to be known tonight.

Likewise, the clients and the workers of the hotel where the patient stayed in the municipality of Adeje, are under sanitary surveillance.

The establishment has informed its customers, according to La Sexta, that the hotel is sealed, and until the health authorities indicate they must remain in their rooms.
Second case in Tenerife - Wife of the Italian doctor tested positive. She had no symptoms, been tested because of her husband.

Plus another two people tested positive - friends of the aforementioned couple, staying at the same hotel in Costa Adeje. Also, no symptoms; tested eight people being in close circle with the doctor and his wife. Raising the number of cases to four.

This is getting scary pretty fast. Especially the "no symptoms" situation.
Onda Fuerteventura report possible case of Corona virus in Gran Tarajal with Italian tourist arriving from Lombardy region.

Same thing reported on Lanzarote.
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