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The best car hire company - poll
Being on the island numerous times, we're always hiring a car as it's the best way to discover new places. We've used quite a few companies and last few years always ended up using CiCar, PlusCar or Payless. Never had an issue with any of those three.

What's your favourite car hire company?

Hint: You can choose more than one company in the pool Wink
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Car Fuel
This may seem a strange question - What is the difference between the quality of the fuel that the different petrol stations supply. 
Repsol are currently charging 1.115€ for premium diesel and DISA are charging 1.187€
[color=#333333][size=medium]Back in the UK I only use premium brand fuel, Shell or BP, as against Supermarket Fuel, whilst the price may be higher the additives do make a difference to and more
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Don't Take Your Car on the Beach
A hire car was driven on to the Playa Alzada beach at 7am on Wednesday morning:
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La Oliva Car Rally
La Oliva, on November 9, 2018. The XXIX Rally de La Oliva - Department of Sports, which organizes the Maxo Sport Team with the City Council of La Oliva, is held tomorrow, Saturday, November 10, with ten spectacular special stages that add more than 90 kilometers.

 The Rallye de La Oliva, recognized as one of the most important car races in the Canary Islands and as a benchmark in the regional circuit of the land, will offer to the Majorero public and the numerous fans from other islands five
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Driving a UK registered car
Can anyone confirm that the rules for driving a non-Spanish registered car have changed? I understand that if you are a resident you must register a car within 30 days but that if you are non-resident you can drive a car in Spain for 6 months in any one year. On another forum it has been stated that this has changed and that it is the same (30 days/one month) for residents and non-residents alike. Someone has also said that the one month rule applies to 4WD vehicles irrespective of residential s
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How to get a discount for travel within Spain
(18-04-2019, 09:00 AM)TrickyFox Wrote: [quote='Sam' pid='5630' dateline='1555533720']

In my case - Living in the UK, not moving to Fuerteventura anytime soon - they would consider me as a resident because I own a property here (in Fuerteventura). But I won't get any travel discount because I'm not a resident.

I can't see how they can consider you a resident just because you own a property here - that's why they have non-resident taxes surely?
I've heard of people
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New Car Park for Corralejo

The City Council of La Oliva drafts the project of a public parking in Corralejo
The Municipal Technical Office has drafted this proposal that would be located next to the bus station, with services such as lighting, street furniture and adaptation to accessibility regulations

The City of La Oliva has drafted the project to enable a car park in Corralejo, northwest of the town, next to the building of the Bus Station.

This is a measure, informed Jesú Blanco, aimed at "of
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Car Purchase
Asking for a friend, does anyone know of anyone or anywhere that he could buy a reasonably priced estate car...

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Where to buy - Dog car ramp
We have a large dog who finds it difficult to get in the back of our car . We live in Caleta, does anyone know if you can buy car dog ramps anywhere on the island. T.I.A
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Annual Hire Car Insurance
I have a policy with Insurance4CarHire that I renew annually, covers me for hire cars when I am off the island/in the UK etc. I've just received my renewal notice from them and they are stating that they will only renew for Non-UK residents if they renew before 31st Oct 2019, for the time being whilst they see what happens then. So, if you are resident on Fuerte and have this cover but your renewal is not due until Nov/Dec/Jan etc you may want to consider contacting the company and renewing a mo