Hi , just a reminder of mandatory masks almost everywhere. Stay safe.

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Plot near the beach in PDR changed ownership
The plot between the main beach - Los Pozos and the Congress Centre in Puerto del Rosario, previously owned by DISA, has been swapped with the new owner - Puerto City Council. This means the 12,000 m² wasteland will finally get some proper upgrade in the foreseeable future.

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Changed Bus Services from 25th May
Changes will take place to the island's bus service on Monday 25th May. There will be more buses on the routes and it brings an end to the free service that has been operating for the last few weeks.

Details of the new services here: [url=https://noticiasfuerteventura.com/fuerteventura/las-guaguas-recuperan-la-nueva-normalidad-el-lunes?fbclid=IwAR2YhNOzYq7f0dkHxwV_Z3PIurGXh4b_717ne94OZb17Iytg2foXG9_euEM]https://noticiasfuerteventura.com/fuerteventura/las-guaguas-recuperan-la-nueva-normalidad-