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Cruise ship coming to Gran Tarajal - Sunday
Gran Tarajal are hosting another cruise ship. The first of a new programme of arrivals, and the first since the harbour was wrecked by all the Korean ships sunk in the storm Emma at the start of this year.

The Balmoral, Fred Olsen lines ship from Southampton is scheduled for Sunday 02 Dec, and again at the end of the year (28th).

Although this is scheduled as the 'first', they did try it before but the facilites weren't prepared fully. Now they have done some reworks, as well as removing a
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Cruise ships
My little collection of cruise ships in Puerto Del Rosario.

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The decline in tourism will not affect the cruise segment
The fall in the entry of tourists through the FUE airport and, consequently, the hotel occupation that is being experienced in recent months in Fuerteventura will not affect the cruise segment. In fact, in the new cruise season, which starts in September and will last until May 2020, not only will the number of cruise passengers who arrive in Puerto del Rosario not be reduced, but will be increased in a way more than
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Cruise Ship Season - Puerto del Rosario 2019/20
Here is a link to the cruise ships that will be visiting Puerto del Rosario between 3 October 2019 and 24 May 2020:

EDIT: Updated the link as it wasn't working any more. Sam.
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Cruise Ship Season - Puerto del Rosario 2020/21
The Puerto del Rosario dock will receive the first cruises in November

In the so-called new tourist normality after the pandemic, the capital of Majorera will receive the main shipping companies of the TUI group in the port of Porto next November .

In this sense, the following cruise ships are expected to arrive in the port of the capital in the 2020/2021 winter season :

- AIDAnova: November 4

- AIDAstella: November 6

- AIDAvita: November 1