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Banca March closing branch
Banca March is closing their Morro Jable branch. Now they only have one in Puerto Rosario, I believe.
Problem for us is cash withdrawals are generally chargeable at other ATM's and their monthly service charge now sits at €7.99.
I think it is now time to change.
Any recommendations? Thanks
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British People Can Vote in Spain (if on the electoral register) after March 29
An agreement was signed last week between the Spanish Government and the UK which will continue to allow British people, who are on the electoral roll in Spain to continue to be able to vote in the Ayuntamiento elections and the European elections as they have in the past.

It also confirms that they can also stand as candidates, and existing councillors will be able to keep their seats.

Anyone who wants to vote in the elections coming up in May 2019 needs to have registered by January 30th
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What's the weather like? - March 2019
El Cotillo... The forecast is for a predominantly cloudy day, with temperatures around 17C. The wind will be gentle, north easterly and onshore, averaging 10mph.

4:22 AM      0.74 meters   (2.43 ft)   Low Tide
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Flights from Europe after 31 March
It is not possible to find or book flights on EasyJet or Ryanair from European airports for dates after 31 march.
This is for flights that are based in Europe. 
You can find a flight to UK if the plane is based in stadford or so.
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Where to find Banca March ATM
Banca March is one of the few ATM operators in Spain that isn't charging for withdrawal from their ATM, using NON Spanish bank card. Really handy for anyone using UK debit card* or our favourite Starling or Revolut.

*NOTE: don't ever withdraw any cash from a Credit Card, please. You'll have to pay extra fees and pretty steep interest back to your credit card company!  

The first BancaMarch ATM I've ever tried was the one in Caleta so let's start there:

It's located oppo
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Gran Tarajal Carnival 5-15 March 2020
The Carnival in Gran Tarajal (Tuineje Municipality) will be celebrated from 5-15 March 2020.

The theme is the World of Animals.
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Changes to the Bus Timetables from 2 March 2020
Hanges to the bus routes from 2/3/2020 - https://www.noticiasfuerteventura.com/fu...ezbP5ZRgEU

One of the measures contempla
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What's the weather like? - March 2020
El Cotillo... The outlook, overnight cloud to burn off during the morning, leaving a sunny afternoon. Temperatures expected in the high teens. A predominant northerly wind will be moderate and cross offshore, averaging 14mph. 

[size=medium]High tide      4:21 am  2.04 m (6.69ft)
Low tide     10:33 am  0.50 m (1.64ft)
High tide      4:40 pm  1.91 m (6.27ft)
Low tide     10:46 pm  0.59 m (1.94ft)
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Betancuria Carnival 14/15 March 2020
The Carnival will be celebrated in Betancuria on the 14 and 15 March 2020. The theme is Publicity.

They have a street parade on Sunday 15 March at 11.30.  It's the smallest Carnival on the island, but worth going to if you are visiting that part of the island.
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The Tiadhe Bus Service will be free from 28 March
In the ongoing crisis all bus travel on the Tiadhe bus service will be free.

This should only be used by people doing the essential permitted journeys.