Hi , just a reminder of mandatory masks almost everywhere. Stay safe.

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What's the weather like in Corralejo the first week of May?
Hi All,

Just wondering what the Weather will be like in Corralejo the first week of May?

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What's the weather like? - May 2019
White rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits!

El Cotillo... The forecast is for a clear sunny day, after the overnight cloud has burnt off. The wind will be fresh, northerly and cross/onshore, between 19mph and 20mph. Temperatures expected to reach the low 20's. 

6:24 AM      0.42 meters   ( 1.38 ft )   Low Tide
[size=medium]6:48 AM           
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What's the weather like? - May 2020
El Cotillo... A remote report to start the month off. After any overnight cloud has burnt off there will be a clear sunny day ahead, with temperatures in the low 20's. The NNE wind will be moderate to fresh and cross/offshore, averaging 17mph. The outlook for the week ahead is for clear skies and sunshine.

Low Tide      2:25am   0.69 m  (2.26ft)
High Tide     8:46am   1.68 m  (5.51ft)
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Mandatory masks from 21st May for anyone six years old and over
Masks appear to be mandatory in enclosed spaces and busy streets - see Noticias Fuerteventura
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Changed Bus Services from 25th May
Changes will take place to the island's bus service on Monday 25th May. There will be more buses on the routes and it brings an end to the free service that has been operating for the last few weeks.

Details of the new services here: [url=https://noticiasfuerteventura.com/fuerteventura/las-guaguas-recuperan-la-nueva-normalidad-el-lunes?fbclid=IwAR2YhNOzYq7f0dkHxwV_Z3PIurGXh4b_717ne94OZb17Iytg2foXG9_euEM]https://noticiasfuerteventura.com/fuerteventura/las-guaguas-recuperan-la-nueva-normalidad-
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Canarian Day - 30 May 2020
Canarian Day is celebrated on 30th May. It's a public holiday.

Usually there are traditional all-night dances in the larger villages and towns of the island on the 29th May, but not this year. 
Local councils are doing the celebration on-line this year.