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Sailing Clipper in Puerto Rosario
Anyone else catch a glimpse of the impressive sailing Clipper, Star Flyer, in Puerto Rosario? I think it may have just passed Caleta on its way to Gran Canaria.
Afterwards, it travels around the islands then heads off across the Atlantic to Barbados. Wouldn't fancy that crossing in November.
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5 Oceanos (frozen foods) PDR & Corralejo
Opened this year in Puerto and another one in Corralejo.

https://goo.gl/maps/REPvEi18n3H2 (Puerto)

https://goo.gl/maps/mEmp35PWWrr (Corralejo)

Great selection of frozen foods including items that are loose so you can shovel what you want into a bag! The legs of lamb are good as was the piece of beef I tried! I especially like the loose frozen fruits - good variety. Selection of natural ingredients ice lollies.

In a row of shops in Puerto that includes a café that sells the most amazi
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Spanish Frigate in Puerto del Rosario - open to the public on 17/18 November
A Spanish frigate will be docked in the cruise ship harbour this weekend, and will be open to the public on Saturday and Sunday:
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Artistic benches in Puerto del Rosario
Just had a walk along the seafront in Puerto del Rosario and found those beauties.

A quick link to Google maps where you can find them: https://goo.gl/maps/KhJRPuePhdu
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Museum in Puerto
It is a slice of Canarian history.  Lovely 19th century house, lived in for a short time by Miguel de UnaMuno - a noted author of the time. Takes less than an hour to see it all, and it is nicely furnished in the style of the period.
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Moscow Ballet in Puerto del Rosario
The Moscow Ballet are performing The Nutcracker at the Auditorio Insular (the old theatre) in Rosario on 12th December at 9pm. 
Tickets still available on the Ballet de Moscu main website.

EDIT: Changed the title so I can add this year's (2019) details in the same thread, rather than creating a new one each year. Sam.
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Bus back to Caleta from Lidl in Puerto del Rosario
We were hoping to get to visit this before Christmas, but the problem is the busses. I looked at the schedule, and apparently the 01, 02, and 15 stop outside it, which is fine for the outbound journey, but coming back... Considering these busses have long journeys from the terminus and the Lidl is at the very end of the route, it seems impossible to predict when they might fetch up at the stop. That's little use when you're parked outside with a lot of bags full of produce!

Does anyone have a
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Grand Bethlehem in Puerto del Rosario
Traditional Grand Bethlehem of Puerto del Rosario (Belén gigante de Puerto del Rosario) is open this year since 10th December in Barranco Pilon in the capital.
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Diferente bar - Puerto Lajas
Been here a few times as we like the setting. However last time we went it was not long after the rains and the place was inundated with flies - we had a drink and moved on - see windermeregolfers review of the bar at Caldereta.
The problem with Diferente is they don't have a lot of choice on the menu. Not overly cheap because of the setting and lack of competition, but what they do have is nice enough.
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Suggestions for Puerto Rosario
I'd like to ask for recommendations of good restaurants in Puerto Rosario, preferably over towards Playa Chica/Puerto.

We always find we are scratching around for somewhere in the evening. El Perenquen and next door Zilou? are both closed in the evenings (when we are in town). The new one adjacent to Playa Chica, called Salitre didn't inspire - limited menu and no-one in when we found it open. Terraza Playa Chica is good, and on the high-price side.

Any other ideas? Else it's back in El Mi