Hi , just a reminder of mandatory masks almost everywhere. Stay safe.

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GBP/EUR - Exchange rate alerts
Last week the rate was €1.12 for a pound. Monday went up and I was able to get 1.14 euro. Tuesday €1.15 and yesterday €1.16, both auto exchanged using the feature in Revolut. Set some pounds to auto-exchange at €1.17 and will keep my fingers crossed. The last time I was able to get €1.17 was back in May.

The exchange rate is currently between €1.15 & €1.16.

[i]Don't really want to start a discussion about political situation or speculations if the pound will get stronger/weaker, just
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Island Exchange Rate.
Current "cash" exchange rate here is 1.08. Anyone know what the rate is in Caleta or Corralejo.
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Gardeners - Hourly Rate
What would you expect to pay a gardener on an hourly basis in Fuerteventura?