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Ryanair's new bag rules from today 1st November 2018
It's the second time this year Ryanair changed the baggage policies, this time for the worst. You can take only small bag on board if you don't want to pay extra.

Bit of info from Ryanair's website:

All passengers are entitled to bring 1 small personal bag on board which must fit under the seat in front of you (40cm x 20cm x 25cm). Examples include,
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Ryanair to shut down for 12 hours
Ryanair said the shutdown from 5 PM on Wednesday to 5 AM on Thursday is needed to upgrade their system. It must be a massive operation if they need 12 hours IMO.

Ryanair apologised for any inconvenience, and urged their customers needing to check in to do so before the closure.
If you are due to travel this Wednesday or Thursday morning, do check-in early to get your boarding pass otherwise it'll cost you.
Ryanair's policy is to charge customers an [b][color=#ff3333]extra £55 if they need
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Civil Aviation Authority taking legal action against Ryanair
I'm sure everyone in the UK can remember the strikes over the summer by Ryanair pilots and cabin crew. Guess what? Ryanair decided not to pay the compensation that people are entitled to under EU law. Ryanair simply argues the strike action amounts to "extraordinary circumstances" and that therefore, it does not have to pay.
Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) can see this issue a bit different and is taking legal action against Ryanair over its refusal to compensate tho
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Ryanair possibly closing all its bases in the Canary Islands
According to Canariasenred Ryanair will be cutting down flights and possibly closing all its bases in the Canary Islands.


The airline "Low Cost" Ryanair[color=#222222][size=medium] studies
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Passengers cheer as drunk woman is dragged off Ryanair flight to Fuerteventura
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Ryanair - cancelled flights Nov/Dec 2019
Why as Ryanair cancelled all there flights from November onwards
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Ryanair from Dublin
Ryanair flights from Dublin from the end of March 2020 to end of October 2020 have been released. I don’t see prices for the sep Oct yet but will probably follow shortly.
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Ryanair hand luggage charges illegal in spain
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Ryanair winter flights out now
Ryanair flights are now out until late March 2021.
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Ryanair, how do we get home ?
Is there any way of speaking to a person at Ryanair?
Our flight for Tuesday 24th is cancelled, which shows up as Cancelled in "MyBookings" with an option to get a refund or rebook.
If I do eventually get to the Refund page it refuses to accept my Reservation number, in spite of copying and pasting it from the booking.

Tried their "Chat" option, but that is only answered by a "ChatBot" that does not want any personal details.

Getting REALLY frustrated.  Angry Angry