Hi , check the State of emergency thread and Repatriation from Fuerteventura, please.

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Is this why there's so much dust?
What is place between Caleta  and Triquiviate? Looks like a quarry/stoneworks or cement works. You could see clouds of dust hanging between the mountains. Must be damaging the the air quality.
And there's also a guy on the FV2 towards Tarajalejo who kicks up loads of dust with his builders merchant.
Isn't anyone monitoring these businesses? Crazy!
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Ok, so if you could spend a BILLION, what would you choose?
How would you spend a billion? (in Fuerteventura)

The tunnel to Lanzarote seems to have hit a nerve with a lot of people. So for fun, if you were the Cabildo and had €1 billion laying around, what would be your five pet projects? It's for fun, so don't get too heavy or political:

1. A robust water supply chain fit for this century
2. Offshore windfarm on west coast. Consolidate all wind generation in ONE place instead of multiple inland eyesores
3. Takeover all unfinished build p