Hi , just a reminder of mandatory masks almost everywhere. Stay safe.

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Spanish Frigate in Puerto del Rosario - open to the public on 17/18 November
A Spanish frigate will be docked in the cruise ship harbour this weekend, and will be open to the public on Saturday and Sunday:
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El Gordo ad 2018 - Spanish lottery Christmas ad
El Gordo Christmas ads in Spain are similar to the John Lewis ones in the UK. People wait for the release and compare the adverts to the previous ones. El Gordo is a Christmas lottery with (I believe) the biggest pot in the whole country, this year it's more than 2 billion euro. The price you'll win is usually shared between 1,600 players so winning one million euro makes you only 625 euro richer. The main idea here is sharing the happiness and the ads usually reflect that too. 

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Spanish Constitution - what do you know?
Thinking about taking Spanish Citizenship? These questions form part of the test!

Citizenship quiz

Courtesy of El Pais.
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Exchange from UK to Spanish driving licence
I know it's a well-worn subject in other internet places, but can I ask if anyone on here has exchanged their uk driving licence for a Spanish one? If so, could you give a simple summary of the steps/process you followed? I know the pros/cons and the rules that govern when you should do it so I'm not trying to ignite that debate, I just want to be clear about where to go in the first instance, what to take with me etc. Many thanks, in advance!
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Why the Spanish eat 12 grapes on New Years Eve
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Can you have BOTH a Spanish Driving Licence and UK Driving Licence
Another licence related query. Can you have BOTH a Spanish Driving Licence and UK Driving Licence or are they mutually exclusive?
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Spanish General Election on 28 April
A general election has been called by the Spanish Prime Minister this morning.  It will be held on 28 April 2019.


It's a shame that we can't vote in the national elections.

The local elections are then being held in May.
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Duo Lingo - Spanish translation
Hi guys,
I am doing the Duo Lingo Spanish course on my pad. Getting there, now on a 22 day run  Big Grin  Must have started this half a dozen times already but it always dies when other things get in the way  Big Grin
One question if I may:
One of the phrases (in Spanish) is “De nada, duo” now I get the “De nada” bit, pretty basic but what is the translation of “duo” ?? If it means anything !! Google translator says same in Spanish & English  Huh 
Cheers . . Ron
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Share your learning of Spanish
I thought I would kick off with some of my favourite internet sites


https://www.spanishpodcast.net/listado-episodios/ - good clear Spanish and well explained albeit all in Spanish


https://www.spanishdict.com/translation - great dictionary and grammar sections

https://www.linguee.com/ - put in a word or sentence and up come many examples of how to use the word or phrase

Please add your own favourites in this thread.
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Spanish Health Care / Convenio Especial
I have recently gained access to the Spanish health care system & it was easier than expected. 
(I am under pension age, full time resident but not working here).
Firstly a trip to Central de la Salud and a form to fill in for the Convenio especial, which was then submitted complete with copies of my passport, residencia, empadron and bank details (It will cost 60 euros per month until I'm of retirement age). 
I also needed to sign a declaration stating I was not able to access any other publ