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archaeologists burials investigate aboriginal

Archaeologists investigate aboriginal burials
From Radio Sintonia:

A few months ago, in an interview for Radio Sintonía, Rosa López , archaeologist and director Arenisca, highlighted the amount of archaeological work that was still to be discovered in Fuerteventura due to the lack of investigation programs for burials and deaths. Today, again in this house, and accompanied by the archaeologist Derque Castellano, they have brought us the pleasant news that investigations have been launched to reveal our past and history.
As detailed, the basic line of work will consist of first making a compilation of findings and laying the foundations so that the new knowledge that is acquired does not remain here, since it is about 1500 years of history that had never been studied before.
To carry out this task, both archaeologists will visit all the sites where it is known in advance that there were burials, all with the aim of looking for remains or bones that have not yet been removed as happened in the times of the conquest of the Canary Islands, where many bodies were taken from the islands and taken to other countries. Another of the research phases will be to study in the laboratory the remains that are in the Canarian, peninsular and foreign museums, something that had never been done in Fuerteventura.
Asked about the importance of investigating our past, both López and Castellano agreed that they have to do with a question of knowing a part of our history and understanding death as a natural event that happens and is part of life. In fact, they explained that in the past death was conceived as something ancestral to which much respect had to be had, hence the megalithic constructions in uninhabited places in the mountains or the spaces for worship and conversation where life met death.
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