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camel superfood milk

Camel Milk - the new superfood!
from Canarias7:

The camel milk food revolution: lowers cholesterol and recommended for diabetics and allergy sufferers.

The product, made in Fuerteventura, has properties similar to insulin. It is expected to reach shops and restaurants this year. Guacimara Cabrera and Rafael Ansón present it at the Madrid Fusión fair.

The managing director of Dromemilk Camel Farm, Guacimara Cabrera, accompanied by the expert in gastronomy Vanessa Santana, and the nutritionist, Laura Perdomo, presented today, within the framework of the Madrid Fusion Congress, the first camel milk of Spanish origin Dromemilk. The brand plans to produce the first products in the second half of 2022 and can be tasted in catering points throughout Spain.

This product can be used as an alternative for allergy sufferers to other milks and has extensive benefits in patients with diabetes, because it contains a component with properties very similar to insulin. As highlighted by nutritionist Laura Perdomo, camel milk is a superfood, with high nutritional benefits, highly demanded around the world. This product has a high percentage of Omega 3 and is rich in vitamins A, B and C, calcium, iron and potassium. It contains a low fat and elements necessary to reduce cholesterol and eliminate toxins from the intestine more quickly. "It is a hypocaloric drink, since it only contains 48 kilocalories per 100 grams."

This milk, produced in the Dromemilk Camel Bio Farm in Fuerteventura, has had a great reception among the chefs, pastry chefs and experts attending the presentation, who have shown their interest in this product considered the "white gold of the XXI century", as well as its derived products (chocolate, cheese or ice cream).

Dromemilk Camel Farm is a project that began nearly 30 years ago in Fuerteventura, by the hand of the Cabrera family, who created this reserve to rescue and protect the breed of the Canarian camel, which is in danger of extinction, "and, currently, we have become the main producer of this milk throughout Europe", said Guacimara Cabrera, director of the project. The honorary president of the Ibero-American Academy of Gastronomy, Rafael Ansón, committed during the presentation to elaborate dishes, with different Ibero-American chefs, with this raw material.

The reserve started with four camels and now has more than 400 specimens, positioning itself as the largest camel farm in the European Union. In our country, it will be the first to produce milk from this animal and bring its products to the market.

The project, said Vanessa Santana, an expert in gastronomy, leads the Canary Islands to also position itself as a gastronomic reference as well as at the tourist level. "Dromemilk is a responsible project, and in line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development promoted by the UN."
The team of the Oasis Wildlife Fuerteventura nature reserve was firmly committed to asserting an autochthonous breed, with an innovative and unique project, which now opens great hopes for the breeding of this animal and the production of this milk, considered worldwide a superfood, due to its high nutritional properties. Camel milk is one of the most similar to human breast milk, along with that of the mare. It is easy to digest, has more vitamins and has less fat than other milks such as cow's.

The Dromemilk center has also been key in scientific projects on the properties of milk of this animal for health, hand in hand with important universities and the European Union. In 2002, research began on the properties of this milk in the Fuerteventura reserve, and in 2011 the first pilot farm was launched to study the viability of its production that is now confirmed.
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