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2021 june holiday

Holiday to be June 2021
Hi everybody

We are due to be with you on the 5th June - this will be the 3rd attempt of a holiday since last year. I have continually re booked.  Both my partner and I will be having our first jabs in the next 2 weeks  -  Smile   I hope - well I'm actually desperate tbh that this holiday will go ahead this time, otherwise  I will be hijacking a jet and a pilot !!!   We are going to be based in Caleta de Fuste  only for a week though   Sad      I've joined the forum as I hope that this way I can keep up with what's going on and keeping my fingers crossed that in several weeks we will have confirmation that we will be packing our bags and getting on a plane.  I have a feeling I will be tad emotional once I get on the plane at Gatwick.     Thanks for all the fabulous info that you have here - it's a gold mine for me   Thumbs Up

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Welcome to the Forum Michele we will keep our fingers crossed for you.
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Welcome to the forum Michelle, I hope your holiday goes to plan and look forward to seeing lots of posts from you about the great time you had, what you did, where you stayed, where you ate and drank .....happy holiday 😎😎😎
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Welcome to the forum Michelle.
Unfortunately, I don't have good news.

Quote:Fines of £5,000 will be introduced from next week for people from England who try to travel abroad without good reason under new COVID-19 laws which last until the end of June.

In case of hijacking, will the luggage be free of charge? ...asking for a friend.
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Oh nooooooooooo       we are/were travelling 5th June.   Let hope they decide to change this before this date get here !!    Cry
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