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migrant crisis was bad 2006 2008

How bad was the migrant crisis in 2006-2008?
The number of migrants coming to Canary Islands is going up pretty fast and I was wondering how bad the situation was one and half decade ago. I remember reading about over 50,000 refugees at that time, can anyone share some photos/memories from this crisis, please? Fuerteventura being the closest to Africa, I would imagine this being quite an issue.

I understand that I'm opening a can of worms here and would like to ask anyone to keep the discussion civil and down to the facts, please. Will also appreciate if anyone can point me to the official data from that time. Thank you.
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I can remember being on the dunes beach in front of the RUI one time and a body being washed up, that was pretty horrific for the person involved and us. I also remember an occasion when a Guardia Civil patrol boat and a Patera collided, I'm not sure if these 2 incidents were related.
I can also remember pateras coming ashore at various places, they weren't always detected while still at sea. On one occasion we saw a small group of bedraggled people coming ashore just south of the dunes beaches, Drop beach I think it's called.

The cemetery at La Oliva has some caches dedicated to some of these migrants.
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The situation was bad at that time, Sam. I'll see if I can find any information.  The migrant detention center at El Matorral near the airport used to house a lot.
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Thank you both for your replies. I recall reading somewhere about one of the retention centres (not sure what island though) housing over double the amount people and to protest (and draw the attention) the refugees burned their mattresses. I can find very little information except the sensational clickbait newsletters and honestly appreciate to read about first hand experience.

To accommodate and feed 50K of hungry, homeless people over the span of three years is quite a lot for such tiny islands. Where they all gone?
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