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acosta blas prosecution

Prosecution of Blas Acosta
" Blas Acosta might face a sentence of four years in prison and disqualification requested by the prosecutor

For alleged crimes of unfair administration and punishable insolvency at the head of Gesturpa, the Prosecutor's Office requests the opening of the oral trial. The letter of the Public Prosecutor's Office is key to the resolution of the motion of censure in the Cabildo"
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Google translate of above article
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[i]The president of the Cabildo de Fuerteventura, Blas Acosta (PSOE), has communicated during the insular plenary session on Thursday his resignation from the position and has left the plenary session.

[i]Google Translation of the article from[/i]

Here you can find a video of his resignation uploaded by Radio Sintonia Fuerteventura
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The Public Prosecutor's Office requests more than seven years in prison for the current president of the Cabildo in two court cases: the La Pared case and the Gesturpa case.

The Prosecutor's Office has requested another three years in prison for Blas Acosta (PSOE), current president of the Cabildo de Fuerteventura and aspiring to be appointed senator for the Canary Islands, as it has requested the secretary general of the socialists in the Archipelago, Ángel Víctor Torres.

At the moment, Blas Acosta faces requests from the Prosecutor's Office that add up to more than seven years in prison. To the accusation of three years in prison in the La Pared case, which until now was unknown, is added the one made in the Gesturpa case, which reaches four years and three months in prison.

In the La Pared case, the Public Prosecutor's Office asks for Acosta, and for the rest of the members of the Governing Board of the Pájara City Council in January 2010, a sentence of three years in prison and nine years of disqualification for the performance of any employment or public office for a crime of urban prevarication.

In the indictment of the Prosecutor's Office, to which Diario de Fuerteventura has had access , it is highlighted that the six defendants, among whom is also Rosa Bella Cabrera, a PSOE deputy in the Canary Islands Parliament, "knowing that no the conditions "of a building license in the La Pared urbanization had been met, the occupation license was granted.

Blas Acosta, at that time, was a councilor for Urban Planning of the Pájara City Council. The Governing Board of which he was a member granted on January 25, 2010 an occupation license "contrary to what was reported by the municipal technicians and ignoring the motivation and reasons set forth by the Corporation's legal service."

In addition, the prosecutor Clara Serrano points out in her indictment, the Pájara Governing Board departed "from its own previous criteria, without any justification for it, allowing the use of the building that is absolutely prohibited by law."

Likewise, the Prosecutor's Office highlights that the defendants incurred in "abandoning the functions of control" that as representatives of the City Council attributes to them the law to monitor that the developers comply with the obligations in the urbanization process.

The Public Prosecutor recalls that "the urbanization works in the PERI-2 sector of La Pared were not completed and, in particular, there was no sewage treatment system" in the area, "there was no paving of the road access and public lighting", as well as the "conditioning of the green area".

The occupation license that centers the criminal case was delivered by the Governing Board chaired by the then mayor, Rafael Perdomo, with the unfavorable report of the municipal architect, who highlighted the impossibility of granting it because the urbanization works were not finished and also he had altered "the delimitation of the plot". The legal report was also unfavorable.

The Prosecutor's Office insists that the Governing Board of the Pájara City Council had denied, in November 2008, the granting of the occupation license. Without changing circumstances, it was granted in January 2010. Blas Acosta was also on the Governing Board of 2008.

The Public Prosecutor's Office has requested in the La Pared case the opening of an oral trial and that a civil liability piece be opened. He asks Blas Acosta for a deposit of 70,000 euros, the same amount that he sets for the current deputy Rosa Bella Cabrera.

"Serious damage" in Pájara

In the Gesturpa case, the Prosecutor's Office accuses Acosta of the crimes of unfair administration and punishable insolvency in his management of the public company Gestión Urbanística de Pájara (Gesturpa), an entity of which he was the sole administrator.

In the indictment of the Prosecutor's Office it is highlighted that Blas Acosta, in his time as a councilor in the City Council of Pájara, carried out a series of "illegal conduct" despite knowing that the municipal company "incurred in legal dissolution ”and“ was in a situation of imminent insolvency ”.

Specifically, highlights the Prosecutor's Office, "formulated and proposed the approval of the annual accounts" of the company, owned one hundred percent by the City of Pájara, "even knowing that they contained constant and serious accounting irregularities."

These irregularities included, according to the indictment, the "valuation of inventories, reserves, deferred taxes" and the "accounting of debts and expenses." The Public Prosecutor emphasizes that these deficiencies “systematically” prevented the accounts from “reflecting the true image” of the public company.

The prosecutor Tomás Fernández de Páiz, specialized in economic crimes, details that on March 27, 2012, the company managed by Blas Acosta arranged a loan with the City Council of Pájara for more than 1.7 million euros, "with the knowledge that the entity could never return it given its evident lack of economic viability ”.

That loan, adds the prosecutor, was granted for the payment of debts "that did not appear in the accounting" of Gesturpa, a municipal company that was originally conceived for the construction of public housing in the municipality of Pájara.

Another of the alleged criminal acts that the Prosecutor's Office attributes to Acosta consists of the payment in 2012 of 897,270 euros to a company, Mahlec Mantenimiento, "on behalf of a third party" from whom "he never claimed payment". It also highlights that the invoice had been generated for six years and that it was not “accounted for” by the public company of the Pájara City Council.

According to the Prosecutor's Office, Acosta “never proposed to the General Meeting [of Gesturpa] the pertinent resolution of dissolution of the company despite the fact that the entity's own funds, as a consequence of its management and especially of the acts mentioned above, progressively decreased and inexorably ”.

Thus, the public company went from having 241,181 euros of equity in 2011, an amount that was already less than 15 percent of the share capital, to dragging almost two million euros in negative when Acosta left office, in July 2015.

This situation, underlines the economic crimes prosecutor, caused "an obvious and serious irreparable damage" both to the partner, which was the City Council of Pájara, and to the creditors of the public company.

The Prosecutor's Office identifies two alleged crimes, attributed to Blas Acosta: one of unfair administration, for which he asks for a sentence of one year and nine months in prison, and another of punishable insolvency, for which he requests a sentence of two years and six months jail.

Between the two crimes, the Public Prosecutor's Office demands a sentence of four years and three months in prison for Acosta, the only defendant in the judicial proceedings, as well as special disqualification from public office for the same period of time.
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Does anyone know if he is now actually in prison, and if not why not?
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These type of cases are known to take MANY MANY years to reach a conclusion, and in any event, an appeal means the sentence is suspended pending the outcome of the appeal!!

Don't hold your breath!!!
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I thought he lost his final appeal a few weeks back?
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But in Spain you can appeal the appeal decision and if that isn't successful you appeal it all the way to the Supreme Court in Madrid.  If that fails, start an EU appeal!!!

My guess, it will be quite some time before he sees the inside of a jail, if ever!!!

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The prosecution has moved on to the next stage:

A Google translation - 
The Court of First Instance and Instruction No. 2 of Puerto del Rosario has declared open the trial, for an alleged crime of urban prevarication, against who was president of the Cabildo of Fuerteventura and current Deputy Minister of Economy of the Government of the Canary Islands, Blas Acosta, the former mayor from the southern municipality Rafael Perdomo and former deputy Rosa Bella Cabrera.

In addition, the defendants are required to be financially liable and must post a bond within 24 hours. In the case of Acosta and Cabrera, it amounts to 70,000 euros, while for the ex-mayor, 40,000 euros are requested.

The judge determines in the order, dated September 10, that the competent body for the prosecution of the case is the Criminal Court of Arrecife, based in Puerto del Rosario, to which the present proceedings will be sent once the defense briefs.
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