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school enrollment

School enrollment
Hi everyone,
I made a post yesterday about getting my familys residency sorted and had a really good response, was able to contact someone and get the process started. 
Today Im asking if anybody could give me any info on how to get my children enrolled in school. We are living in Los Alares I havent got a clue where to start looking and would really appreciate any ones input on this. 
Thanks in advance!
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If you are living in Los Alares the nearest school is in Antigua.

You will need to go to the school office and find out the current paperwork that is required to enrol - usually Residencia, empadronmiento, birth certificates, photos etc.

Children can also go to school in Puerto del Rosario.

The new school term starts on Monday 11th January.

How old are your children? Do they know any basic Spanish?
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