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Photo exhibition in El Cotillo
I've just discovered there is currently an exhibition by the Corralejo Camera Club members in El Toston (the real one, not the bar!) which is due to finish at the end of the month. So 2 days to get there! Anyone visited already? Apparently its been on for 2 months at a time, twice this year.
Free entrance, photos of Fuerteventura. I don't know the opening times.
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El Cotillo Christmas Eve
Replacing timber at the old harbour.
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El Cotillo Bus Service Public Meeting Monday 14 January
El Cotillo Bus Service Public Meeting Monday 14 January

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Labyrinth - El Cotillo
A friend shared this discovery with us the other day.

[attachment=1284]  [attachment=1285]  [attachment=1286]  [attachment=1287]  [attachment=1288]

[attachment=1289]  [attachment=1290]  [attachment=1291]  [attachment=1292]  [attachment=1293]


Looking on Google Earth this was constructed about 15 years ago. You can drive to within a 10 minute walk of the Labyrinth.
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El Cotillo lagoons on a cloudy day
[attachment=1348]  [attachment=1347]  [attachment=1343]  [attachment=1344]

[attachment=1342]  [attachment=1345]  [attachment=1341]  [attachment=1346]
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El Cotillo will have a new cultural centre
Courtesy of Diario de Fuerteventura (translated by Google)

The town of El Cotillo, in the municipality of La Oliva, will have a new cultural centre, with spaces for library and theatrical, musical and sports activities, among other uses. The Cabildo de Fuerteventura has put out to tender the construction of the new cultural centre of El Cotillo for a base budget of more than 1,300,000 euros.

The deadline to submit offers will be open from February 16 to March 7. Interested persons can consult
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No new urban or tourist areas in El Cotillo
Article in RTVAguaCabra:

Update urban planning

The planning regulations that govern the municipality of La Oliva are the Subsidiary Rules of La Oliva, a document that was drafted in 1989, and that came into force definitively in the year 2000.

"A lot of the problems that the municipality has had have been due to the lack of clear planning, this government group has begun the drafting of a General Plan for Urban Planning, with the intention of fixing this and planning for the future fr
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El Cotillo new school
from RTVAC:

The full City Council of La Oliva, gathered this morning in ordinary session, approved the provision of the Government of the Canary Islands of a site where to locate a new school for children and primary in the town of El Cotillo. The plot, of municipal ownership, is located between the streets Las Llanadas, Hilario Marrero, Alfredo Kraus and El Faro, and has an area of 5,156 square meters.

The proposal presented by the municipal government group, with all the favourable techn
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Wind Turbines in El Cotillo??
I recently read on the other forum, a comment about the Wind Turbines beyond Lajares and near to the new Autovia.  It also mentioned that there were to be two further Turbines "in the tourist areas of El Cotillo".

Anyone heard anything?  Location?  Dates??

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A new urban 'pitch' threatens El Cotillo
A promoter of Tenerife intends to stay with 325,000 square meters while claiming that in the future Insular Plan include an urbanization with 3,000 tourist beds

The real estate bubble seems to never end in Fuerteventura. A promoter of Tenerife intends to stay with 325,000 square meters between El Roque and El Cotillo, while claiming that in the new Insular Plan of Ordination (PIOF) the lands are being reclassified to build a macro tourism