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Tv and Internet - Movistar problem in Tamaragua
A post copied from The Dark side that has gone unanswered!

"Good Morning,
Is anyone aware of a general Movistar problem in Tamaragua at the moment ?
If not does anyone know the sequence of buttons to press to contact Movistar service as the automated answering speaks far too quickly for my limited Spanish knowledge
Thank you
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Internet speed drops to less than 1mbps in the evening
We are having an odd problem, we use Internet Services / Rural Internet, and to be honest, up until now it is the best of all the ones we have tried, but over the last 2/3 weeks we are having the following issue it works absolutely fine all day we get anything between 8/12 Mbps, then at around 20:15 - 20:45 the speed drops to less than 1mbps, it sometimes lasts for 20/25 mins but has of late lasted all evening, is anyone using Net services experiencing the same thing or has experienced it in the
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Anyone Internet Savvy
Hi guys,
Anyone know someone up on these things that does home visits. Preferably someone who can navigate router settings & who has a gun license (joke). I need a visit to either sort out my router or shoot it. Doing my head in trying to change to a VPN to get telly service. Worked before but not now !!
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Caleta Internet Fibre
FIBRE IS HERE  Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Fuerte Wifi have just installed Fibre internet to our villa in the last 2 hours and the 3 tests I have done during that time have each given me 29Mb + download and 10Mb + upload.

50Mb is available at an extra cost if you want it.

La Estancia was wired with fibre when it was built and I am told that the new Pueblo Majorero Development at Fuerteventura Golf Club will also be wired for fibre 

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Internet without landline?
Please can anyone recommend internet service without needing landline in Caleta? Don't need TV and would prefer one that can be suspended during periods of absence.
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Reliable alternative to Movistar internet?
We are in Caleta de Fuste, Campo de Golf, and have had Movistar ADSL Internet, through ‘copper’ fixed line for the near six years since we moved in. Although our service is for up to 10mbs, it rarely exceeds 3. I can just about live with this, but repeated problems over the past couple of weeks have made me want to review what we could now get instead. (Dropping out completely, no ‘Internet’ light on router. In response to phone calls and emails it returns for a few hours then goes again. New ro
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Internet options in Las Caletas
hi all,
i am moving over to Las Caletas in April. what are my best options for internet in the area ? 
i need unlimited data and fast enough for streaming iptv. 
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Local Technology Consultant & Media Production Guy
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Have you wanted to make some changes at home recently?
Maybe install a digital assistant so you can ask how the Weather is or how much wood a woodchuck could chuck?
Perhaps you want to upgrade to smart lights so you can ask your assistant to turn them on, off, or dim them all from the comfort of your couch or beautiful cozy warm bed?
Maybe you want to install some security cameras, so you can go awa
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An alternative internet option
Internet here in the Canarias can either be "OMG Im in the future" with 600mbit fiber internet OR "OMG why won't my google search load" with the 4g/wifi options from Movistar and the local suppliers.
And Its a pain in the ***!!!

As someone who's work and life revolves around tech I had to investigate the various solutions to find the best one for me.

I now have fiber connected to my home (part of the reason I live where I do) but I initially had another connection, one that I've also set up fo
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Inet sistemas - internet provider
Hi, has anyone got any feedback on Inet sistemas? We are in LA Oliva and wondering if it's worth switching from Movistar