Hi , just a reminder of mandatory masks almost everywhere. Stay safe.

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Island cheese wins "Super Gold" in World Cheese Awards
Majorero PDO, a semicured goat's cheese flavoured with paprika, has won a coveted "Super Gold" award in the 2018 World Cheese Awards.  The cheese is produced in Fuerteventura by Grupo Ganaderos de Fuerteventura.

The World Cheese Awards has been bringing together cheesemakers, retailers, buyers, consumers and food commentators worldwide for over three decades.  This year, the contest was held in Bergen, Norway, where around 3500 cheeses from all over the world competed for the prestigious awar
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Goat statues around the island
There are loads of these statues throughout the island, all decorated differently. Anyone know how many there are? How many can you spot on your travels?
Please add your pics of any other ones so we can build a library.

Sorry, tech probs, will load pics of cabras de Vallebron, La Oliva and Villaverde tomorrow.
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Island seems much quieter
Just a casual observation but this trip we seem to be seeing quite a downturn in tourist numbers. It may be just because it is May & summer season hasn’t kicked off yet but in light of the dropping arrivals numbers at the airport it now seems quite evident. Hope it isn’t going to continue like this. It would be very detrimental to the islands economy & growth ☹️☹️
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Paco Rabanne promotes new fragrances on the island
Paco Rabanne travelled to Fuerteventura to promote his new fragrances, Invictus and Olimpega Legend, together with local companies such as Nubed2.
The action carried out in the north of the island had eight millennial influencers prepared to hold a competition in desert buggies. The objective? Savor the victory. Among them, Mónica Anoz, Mireia Oriol, Nuria Val, Olivia Monjardín, Axel Pons, Joan Margarit, Biel Juste and Alex Boisset, as published by Telva magazine. The recording team was able to
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Tennis courts on the island
Hello to everyone Smile
Could you please let me know if there are public tennis courts in the Corallejo and Gran Tarajal area that can be booked by the hour, without a club card. If there are, what is the price for this please?
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Sea temperatures around the island
Was browsing Canarias7 today and was reminded that they regularly report the sea at Corralejo as being the warmest in the Canaries. 

[Image: https://i.imgur.com/GENVeru.jpg]

September/October was always our favourite time to holiday here partly because of the 'warm' sea  Big Grin
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Environmental assessment, north of island especially Majanicho area
from RTVAC: (the Google translation is not great in places, perhaps the Captain or someone else with good language skills could look at the original and see if he/they could improve it?)

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Helicopter tours of the island?
Anyone know if helicopter tours exist? Found some in Gran Canaria but nothing on Fuerteventura. Or even a light aircraft trip? Wondering if maybe it is not possible due to the flight path and airport location. Have seen plenty of drone videos but would love to see the island from above.
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Range Rover Hire On The Island
Can you hire any big cars like a range rover vogue or range rover sport on the island?

If so can someone send some details or recommend a company?
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How busy is mid January usually? Southern part of the island
How are the crowds mid to late January? I guess I should ask how warm it might be on average?