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Author: bedouin - Replies: 15 - Views: 2195
Is social media killing naturism?
All of us who visit naturist beaches can't help noticing that the average age of naturists is increasing.  The young naturists are few and far between.  Is this the result of the explosion of social media in the last few years, with associated photos (often PhotoShopped) of beautiful bodies?  

There's a theory that young people have become so obsessed by social media that they're unwilling to strip off on the beach, as they think their bodies are less than attractive.  How stupid is this?  In
Author: McAdam - Replies: 4 - Views: 241
Local Technology Consultant & Media Production Guy
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Have you wanted to make some changes at home recently?
Maybe install a digital assistant so you can ask how the Weather is or how much wood a woodchuck could chuck?
Perhaps you want to upgrade to smart lights so you can ask your assistant to turn them on, off, or dim them all from the comfort of your couch or beautiful cozy warm bed?
Maybe you want to install some security cameras, so you can go awa