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Author: bedouin - Replies: 15 - Views: 2196
Is social media killing naturism?
All of us who visit naturist beaches can't help noticing that the average age of naturists is increasing.  The young naturists are few and far between.  Is this the result of the explosion of social media in the last few years, with associated photos (often PhotoShopped) of beautiful bodies?  

There's a theory that young people have become so obsessed by social media that they're unwilling to strip off on the beach, as they think their bodies are less than attractive.  How stupid is this?  In
Author: bedouin - Replies: 2 - Views: 955
British Naturism (BN) - worth joining?
I wonder whether you think it's worth joining BN? I have to confess that I did join in 2017 because we were planning to go to Club Orient in St Martin, and BN membership would have qualified us for a 10% discount on the room rates.  But then Hurricane Irma came along a few weeks later and blew Club Orient away!  And when the renewal came up this year I didn't renew as we're basically holiday naturists in warm climes and aren't really interested in naturist Events in the UK.

So which of you ar
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Corralejo mid July naturism report
Just thought I'd post my experience as just home, wasn't sure what to expect numbers wise, not expecting to see much nudity due to the time of year, we were there July 11-18

The last couple of sets of sunbeds south of Riu Oliva Beach which in my experience is usually 100% nude in September were sparcly populated generally, a mix of families, couples, single male & single females nude, maybe occupying 30 sunbeds maximum. A similar number closeby on the beach itself plus those using the stone w