Hi , just a reminder of mandatory masks almost everywhere. Stay safe.

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Not for sale/ free - TAKEN
We have an old Toshiba Video/ DVD player/ recorder, which though about 8/9 years old has hardly been used, I am about to despatch it to the bin, but management insists I Offer it on here in case someone can use it, it has an English plug and a Scart lead and a complete set of instructions, I have plugged it in and it powers up but have not checked anything else, any interest?


I am almost certain it also has a built-in hard drive.
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The decline in tourism will not affect the cruise segment
The fall in the entry of tourists through the FUE airport and, consequently, the hotel occupation that is being experienced in recent months in Fuerteventura will not affect the cruise segment. In fact, in the new cruise season, which starts in September and will last until May 2020, not only will the number of cruise passengers who arrive in Puerto del Rosario not be reduced, but will be increased in a way more than
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Door fly screen, beaded/chain link not magnetic
Hi does anyone know Where to buy the beaded/chain link fly screens from? Not the magnetic ones, thanks.
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To be or not to be a Spanish Resident non Resident
Good Morning,

Hope everyone's waking up to a sunny day . 

Just looking for a bit of advise or views please 

I am in a dilemma on whether I would be better quickly starting residency application now, in view of Brexit and my plans to stay regular in Fuerteventura .

I am in the process of selling my holiday home in Spain and buying in Fuerte (still non resident at the moment ). The plan is to use new house, as a holiday home mostly coming and going and who knows may relocate eventually