Hi guest and welcome to the Fuerteventura forum. This is just a reminder of mandatory masks almost everywhere on the island.

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British People Can Vote in Spain (if on the electoral register) after March 29
An agreement was signed last week between the Spanish Government and the UK which will continue to allow British people, who are on the electoral roll in Spain to continue to be able to vote in the Ayuntamiento elections and the European elections as they have in the past.

It also confirms that they can also stand as candidates, and existing councillors will be able to keep their seats.

Anyone who wants to vote in the elections coming up in May 2019 needs to have registered by January 30th
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Citizens Advice Bureau Spain
This is a good website if you are not aware of it

And this is a link to a government petition for financial aid

Could be useful to know about it!
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Uk-Spain agreement
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Meeting about a new support website for British Residents in Spain - 18/6/19
A meeting is being held in the Cultural Center in Caleta de Fuste at 5pm on Tuesday 18 June 2019 to talk about a new website that provides support for British residents in Spain.
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The law in Spain?
How does the law in Spain work are you guilty until proven otherwise if someone makes an allegation?
Is the seriousness offence a factor?  Does the judge have the power to over rule the law?
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Solar panel systems soar in Spain thanks to friendlier regulation
Here's an interesting article about solar power:


I must say I have been put off the idea by all the bureaucratic hurdles, but it looks like things are changing.  However, it still seems very expensive.
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12 Great nudist beaches in Spain
Article in El Pais today. 
No.12 is Playa Jarugo in Fuerteventura (headed in the article as being in Puerto del Rosario!) but is correctly described within the writeup as being accessed through Tindaya.

link to article in El Pais
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Differences in Police roles in Spain
Just in case anyone was not sure.....

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Ryanair hand luggage charges illegal in spain
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Using healthcard in Spain
Myself and my wife are travelling to mainland Spain next month and have Spanish health cover here in Fuerteventura, my question is can we use our cards on the mainland for any health problems.