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Where to buy washing line prop
Any one any idea where we can buy a washing line prop?

Also looking for a cat deterrent that emits a sound so our outside settee is not used by a night time visitor Big Grin Big Grin 

Thanks in anticipation
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Where else do you go for naturist sunshine?
Fuerteventura without doubt has some of the finest beaches for naturist sunbathing in Europe.  But where else do you go for naturist sunshine?  My wife & I have also been to mainland Spain, Mallorca, France, Greece, as well as the Caribbean.  Apart from Fuerteventura, our favourite maybe is Vera Playa in Spain - not a great beach perhaps but a fabulously laid-back area.

Where are your favourites?
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Where to buy - Shower screen
Anyone know the best place to buy a shower screen to fit on top of a bath? Already tried Ideal in PDR and they don't sell them. Sick and tired of getting stuck to plastic curtains!
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Land to buy - where to find land for sale?
I was wondering where should I be looking if I want to buy some cheap land on the island. I know about the usual websites like idealista or fotocasa, just not sure if there is some estate agent on the island that deals just with this type of properties.
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Be careful where you walk
If you are out and about in areas that you are not familiar with please be very careful as there are a number of pitfalls, literally, scattered around our countryside. Some are water collection areas, or wells and they are not always fenced in. A puppy out for its first walk after injections recently fell in one of the water pits shown below, luckily it had a harness on and the owner was able to catch hold and lift it out.  (Its also got me thinking about mossies!)

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2 in 1 Cleaner - Where to buy La Salud 2en1
Help needed please!

I am trying to locate this particular 2 in 1 cleaner. I have tried all our local supermarkets with no luck. Maybe they had run out or didn't carry it.

The reason I am particularly keen on getting this one, is that it is the only cleaner I have found, that removes plant stains from our terrace. I have tried bleach and all other manner of cleaners, with no joy. This one fizzes on contact with the stain, and it works. I would guess it has hydrogen peroxide in it, amongst o
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Where to buy HAMMERITE Paint
I need some and am sure I have seen it here on the Island. Can anyone confirm where I could get it please?
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Where to buy Clear Plastic Protective Strips for kitchen kick boards?
Does anyone know of any kitchen outlets or other stores, where they stock the clear plastic 'u' shaped strips that protect kitchen kick boards from soaking up water spills? Have been to Fuzzion Cocinas (near Ikea) and they no longer stock them (although they were helpful with some other kitchen items).
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Where can I buy these fly covers for food?
Last year I bought 2 fly covers that are brilliant and I desperately need some more as I am in the process of marzipanning and icing 15 Christmas Cakes! I have some mesh domes and some umbrella style ones but they are not nearly as good, not quite the right shape. I thought I bought them in Rocasa but I have tried Puerto del Rosario and Corralejo branches and no joy.
They are particularly useful as they have vertical sides and squash down flat for storage.
If anyone spots them please let me kn
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Where to buy Memory Foam Mattress Toppers
I know Ikea sell them but any other recommendations in the Caleta/Rosario areas.