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Report any issues with the forum here please
If you have any problems with using the forum, please go ahead and post it here and we'll do our best to sort it out ASAP. Thank you!
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Any problems with Orange network?
Has anyone noticed any problems (more than the usually pedestrian speed), today? 
My data service seems to have ground to a halt since this morning. TIA
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Winter Solstice 2018 Coincides With Both A Full Moon And Meteor Shower
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Help needed with admin work in Villaverde (for few days)
Hi all, I will be coming over to Fuerteventura on 22/8/19 for 10 days and bringing with me admin work to do.. I would like somebody to help me for maybe a total of 3 days to put in order some receipts and probably help me with scanning some documents. I am staying in Villaverde in my own place and I will need somebody who can also bring his/her own laptop as we would work together.  I will pay a fee for this as I don't expect anybody to do this for free.. Let me have some feedback
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Can i build a home with sea container by my self?
Hi to all, i'm looking for an help. I was in Fuerte last year and now i'd like to live there with a little project in my mind. I've contacted all the "ayuntamientos" but nobody has responded via mail. Just a simple question: Anyone know if i can build with my hands (and some professionals) a home with sea containers? (outside i can make the house like a regular one). I'm gonna put the containers on anti-sismic pillars. If anybody knows anything..i don't want to spend Money and time just for an a
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Ploughing with a camel in Los Estancos
I didn't realise this practice still happened but as I was driving through Los Estancos on FV10 from Puerto del Rosario at about 6pm today I was lucky enough to see 2 guys ploughing a small plot with the help of a camel. I was pushed for time and couldn't turn around and go back for a picture but it was like one of the old pics come to life - magical!
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20yo with 2 years valid driver's license and would like to rent a car
Hi, guys, I have taken this from the Dark side:-
We are going to the Fuerteventura for the first time in January. I am 20yo with 2 years valid driver's license and would like to rent a car for 1 week. I can see only companies with 21 or 23 minimum age. Anyone knows a place where I can get a car?
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Need some help with our garden
We have a place in Caleta.  Its a corner plot.  Without going into details we have had issues with the last tenant and
thankfully they are out.  Ive been over and done most of the repairs but one of the next jobs is the garden.  When I say
garden the house is wrapped on two sides with pecan (Not sure if thats how you spell it).  We used to have decorative stones
with plants and an irrigation system but all that is gone.   Whilst we are not looking to put an irrigation system back.  Where can
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car hire companies with roof racks
Sorry for all the question but does anyone know if any of the car hire companies offer roof racks?
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Help with the garden please
trying to spruce up the garden and looking for some white stones for 
some beds and pots.  Tried several places including impacasa with no luck.  
Frustrating as they seem to be at most roundabouts.  Any suggestions welcome