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30 km/h speed limit on way for all towns and urban areas
From Janet Anscombe:

Spain becomes first country in world to set default speed limit of 30km/h in all towns and urban areas
17 November 2020

Spain has approved legislation that will set new nationwide speed limits to reduce accidents in built-up areas. These will be as follows:
  • On single-lane roads – 20 km/h
  • On two-way roads of one lane per direction – 30 km/h
  • On roads with two or more lanes in each direction 50 km/h

Towns and cities have six months to implement the changes and introduce new speed signs which is when the new speed limits will become legally enforceable. This will also provide drivers with time to become aware of the new requirements and get used to the fact that they will need to drive more slowly in urban areas.
The new measures are part of wider-ranging legislative reforms to improve safety and incorporate regulations and sanctions for newer methods of transport like electric scooters. There is more information from the DGT HERE
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say whaaaaaaa?


I often feel the 50 is already slow enough.

I wonder how this will affect roads like that from Lajares to Cotillo
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I think it's just in built up areas!
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