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who third country

Anyone on here who is from a third country?
Is there anyone on this forum who is from a 'third country' and is resident, so therefore must have a TIE (not the latest one just introduced)?
I'm just curious what were the requirements necessary to obtain the TIE?
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Hi Tricky,

I thought I answered this but seems I forgot to.

Best person to speak to would be Miguel from BoxxPro.

He handled my wife's case (she is Russian) after a law firm here botched her application and almost got us in a pot of boiling salsa with the tax people.

There are many different "Basis" for you to be here, each one has different conditions, papers, and processes.
Speak to Miguel and he can guide you through and handle it all.

For my wife, all the costs were less than €100, including preparing all docs, making appointments, and paying fees.
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