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specialists there drainage

Are there any drainage 'specialists' out there?
(27-03-2021, 03:16 PM)TrickyFox Wrote:
(27-03-2021, 12:58 PM)Si Tie Wrote: You need and air intake valve.   The gurgling is caused by there being no air.  To do it you fit a T joint to the soil pipe and then a section of pipe this pipe should be higher than the highest pipe (in case of a blockage).  The valve lets air in but not smells out.  To try and explain it,  its a bit like pouring a full bottle of liquid it will glug until there is enough room for air to get into the bottle then it runs smooth,  Its an easy fix. Good luck.
We've had the drains re-laid (at no cost) they were all over the place, up and down. The main noise has gone as has most of the smell. We still get some glugging from the bathroom sink and occasional smell though.

If they didnt fit an air intake value you will always have the problem.  A decent plumber would know what to do.
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All sorted, I asked a neighbour { Spanish } who I have a nodding acquaintance with if he knew of anyone who could sort it laughed and said "un momento" went home and came back 10 mins later with some tools and sorted it. but thanks for the help.
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(27-03-2021, 06:53 PM)TamaraEnLaPlaya Wrote: There is a company here similar to DynaRod, seen their van but can't remember name, sorry. Probably if you asked in ferreteria Hondura they would be able to give you a contact.

Just seen the red lorry go past, off to clear someone's depuradora probably 🤣
Name is Limpieza la Roja, couldn't catch the phone number.
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Glad you have it sorted , but here's a number for the future if necessary.  Called Desatascos  629 669 110 24 hour service.  Seem to have it all including camera inspections etc.[Image: image.png]    
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My mistake, the company is called Bouzos Services
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