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statistics crime

Crime statistics
from Noticias:

Crime rate drops by seven points on islands to lowest since 2010.

The negative part of criminality on the islands is that murders and robberies with violence are growing.

The crime rate in the Canary Islands fell in 2021 to 37.4 criminal offences per thousand inhabitants, the lowest figure in the last decade, which represents a reduction of 7 points compared to 2010 (44.4) and places the Archipelago almost 4 points below the national average (41.3).

Anselmo Pestana, Government Delegate in the islands has appeared today at a press conference in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, accompanied by the superior chief of the Canary Islands Police, Rafael Martínez, and by the chief colonel of the Command of the Civil Guard of Las Palmas, Vicente Reig, to present the data related to the Archipelago of the Crime Report of 2021.


In any case and as a negative aspect and according to the data published on Monday by the Ministry of the Interior, last year 16 homicides and murders were committed on the islands, four more than the previous one (+33.3%), and 1,090 cases of injuries and tumultuous quarrels were reported, 177 more (+19.4%), in addition to that within the crimes against property, those committed with violence and intimidation grew, going from 1,180 to 1,316 (136 more, + 11.5%), and robberies with force in homes, rising from 2,356 to 2,428 (72 more, +3.1%).


In any case, last year, the Canary Islands have reduced their crime rate by one point, compared to the 38.4 criminal offenses per thousand inhabitants registered in 2020, a year of a very low level since it was in the middle of the pandemic and in a context of more restrictive measures on mobility.


By province, the crime rate has also fallen in 2021 to its lowest level since 2010, standing in Las Palmas at 41.2 criminal offenses per thousand inhabitants and in Santa Cruz de Tenerife at 33.3 criminal offenses per thousand inhabitants.


Canary Islands with one of the lowest crime rates


These figures make the Canary Islands one of the autonomous territories with the lowest crime rate within Spain, a country that in turn ranks as one of the safest in Europe, according to the latest data from the European Statistical Office, since it does not occupy any prominent position in the classifications of the main types of crimes such as homicides, rapes or thefts in European nations.


Among the 41 countries studied, Spain is among the last ten positions (34) in cases of intentional homicides, in an intermediate position (21) in terms of aggressions and practically at the tail (31) in terms of robberies and robberies.


Increase in the number of troops


To reach these levels, the Government of Spain considers it a priority to invest in security for the benefit of the general interest, which has resulted in a budget increase that has allowed the Ministry of the Interior to strengthen, among others, the National Police and Civil Guard templates.

The Canary Islands have had 7,648 National Police and Civil Guard personnel in 2021, compared to 7,092 in 2017 and 7,728 in 2011.
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While I do not want to appear cynical Tamara, I would suggest that  these figures while good to hear,  have  been impacted the Pandemic and restrictions on movement,   there is mention of the areas where it has increased, but none of where it has decreased, can I suggest burglaries? much more difficult to be creeping around in the middle of the night when no one else is? fraud? most businesses have ben in suspended animation so less opportunity there, sale of drugs less tourism so possibly less demand? I could go on but I am sure you get my drift.
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